Now, the first time I lost my phone, a lot of people in town laughed at me.

Now, my town, you have to understand, used to be a farming town. Not anymore. Now, there’s a tremendous amount of software companies moving in.

A lot of the farms got turned into suburban homes. There’s a lot of what we call McMansions.

These are McDonald’s style mansions. They’re huge, but they are also tasteless and it looked like somebody used a template or cookie cutter to crank them out.

But they do cost quite an arm and a leg. I mean, the typical McMansions will set you back about $5 million.

In this backdrop, people laugh at me when they find out that I own a large farm to the north of town. They think I’m the last of a dying breed. They’d look at me as some sort of relic from a distant past.

Some people read in all sorts of positive feelings into that past. They’re very nostalgic. Others look at me as basically a holdover and somebody who’s resistant to change.

You really can’t please everybody. It’s either hot or cold, black or white. It’s a mess.

But anyway, I share this story with you because when I went to town one day, people were laughing at me. They said, “How can you lose your cell phone in your farm? How big is your farm anyway?”

I told them that it was 300 acres or 150 hectares. It blew their mind. They could not think of land that big.

And that’s precisely the challenge you’re up against if you’re farming and you have gadgets with you. Because if you’re doing manual inspections of your corn patch, it’s easy for you to think that your phone is gone forever because a corn patch is darn near invisible.

When you turn around, whether it’s a 360 view or a 180 view, you can’t make heads or tails of all the details because every corn plant is the same as the next corn plant behind it.

And they’re so packed closely that there’s really no sunlight. It’s like you’re trapped in some sort of ever flowing, ever present and infinite green blanket.

This is why I’m so happy exists. This service tracks your mobile device for you.

If you install their app on your device, they will actively monitor where your device is on a 24-hour basis. This gives you tremendous peace of mind if you drop your gadget in the middle of your farm.

Maybe you’re out there on an inspection, or maybe you’re out there doing some planting work or you’re checking out on a problem. Whatever the case may be, you weren’t completely on the ball and your mobile device fell out.

Well, definitely has your back because as long as you can use it within that typical 6-hour window where your device still has enough battery power, you can retrieve your device. Believe me, this is a life saver.

The people who were laughing at me in town were not laughing when they found out that I retrieved my stuff. It really all boils down to technology.

So do yourself a big favor, make sure you are properly equipped when you are moving around in your farm because it’s no joke losing your mobile devices. Not only are your contacts there, but you also have records or your communications as well as important documents like pictures. It’s definitely no joke and it’s no picnic.

Make sure you’re adequately protected by installing the right technology.