Pickleball is without a doubt an addictive game that requires fitness, precision, and skill! It has grown over the years in the United States to become one of the most popular racket games, with thousands of individuals having fun with the game every day. This guide is centered on simplifying the process of choosing a Pickleball paddle by giving explanations of vital considerations when making a paddle choice.

Below you will find a few of the key qualities to consider when choosing a new Pickleball paddle:

Pickleball Paddle Weight
One of your primary considerations should be weight when you are choosing a Pickleball paddle. This is actually because of your level of comfort and performance is affected by the weight of any paddle of your choice.

There are two major things that influence the weight of any paddle – the thickness of the paddle and the material that it is fashioned from. The Pickleball paddles can be found in different kind of materials including, polymer (plastic), carbon fiber, graphite, and wood. It is important you know that modern Pickleball paddles have inner cores made from polymer, Nomex, or Aluminum. There is no doubt that it can also influence the weight of the paddle.

Pickleball Paddle Grip Size
One important consideration to make when you want to purchase a paddle is getting the right grip size. If perchance you have a pickle paddle with a grip size that is too long or too short, there is every chance that you will lose your grip on the paddle during gameplay. In addition, it will affect your level of comfort during gameplay.

In general terms, paddles with shorter grips give the player more control on every shot, while Pickleball paddles with longer grips offer the player more stability. It is very easy for one to achieve spin on a paddle with a shorter grip. It is worth it to try paddles with slightly shorter or longer grips, so you can experience how your game is affected.

Pickleball Paddle Hitting Surface Size
There is no doubt that Pickleball paddles come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, this is actually because the officially endorsed requirements for paddle sizes are somewhat flexible. In order for a Pickleball paddle to meet with the official rules, it must possess combines length and width of no more than 24”. What this means is that you can own a narrow/long paddles that are 5” by 19” or short/wide paddles that are 8” by 16”

If perchance you are new to the Pickleball game, it is best you settle for a paddle with a wider hitting area, just so dinking is easier. There are experienced players that settle for paddles with narrow hitting area, most especially because the paddle tends to be lighter.

Pickleball Paddle Core
In the past few years, we have observed how the technology used in making Pickleball paddles advanced. There is no doubt about the fact that paddles have come a very long way ever since the first paddles Pickleball were manufactured from scrap wood whose final destination was the bin.

Majority of the high-quality Pickleball paddles now have some kind of inner core that is fashioned from different materials to the paddle face. The inner core influences the properties of the paddle, thus making it lighter, stronger and/or denser. Majority of the Pickleball paddles are of honeycomb designs because it is light and super strong. The three common paddles core materials are Polypropylene (PP), Nomex, and Aluminum.