Most people have fond memories of whistling kettles. The stainless-steel stove-tops were popular not too long ago, even though they are still in use in a lot of households. They were made in different sizes and shapes, just so they could meet the needs of virtually all families. However, the recent developments in appliance manufacturing have resulted in the whistling kettles having to surrender to the modern tea kettles often referred to as the electric kettle.

The electric tea kettle is gradually becoming the preferred choice nowadays due to the features it offers. These little appliances are able to boil water faster than the norm, giving you the chance to enjoy your cup of tea without needing to wait for long.

They also don’t need a lot of attention, different from the stove-top type, you can just leave the electric kettle to do its thing while you set about your normal chores without worrying about the noise or threat of fire. They are equipped with a feature that shuts off the appliance when it gets to the boiling point. Its keep-warm feature also gives it the ability to maintain the water temperature.

There are also some design elements integrated into the modern tea kettles with some of them built to resemble the old fashion stove-top. They are also produced in various colors which is a good thing if you want one that can complement your kitchen interior.

For extra convenience, the cordless form of these kettles is also available. The cordless tea kettles are made in such a way that the heating component is housed by the base of the kettle. This allows you to take the kettle anywhere once the water has reached a boiling point; a convenient feature for when you’re pouring tea for your guests anywhere they may be seating.

Besides the safe electrical components, electric kettles now come with heat-resistant and easier-to-grip handles. The modern world may have brought about a change in some of our traditional ways of drinking tea, but these changes can only improve our experiences and make them more pleasurable for everyone.