The black slate looks elegant and classy and elegant in some settings, but could also provide a modern and/or rustic look to a room. It is a highly variable object that could be repurposed depending on its surroundings, which is a great tool for all house decorators. The following is a link to an article that talks extensively about the several uses of slates.

Now, funnily enough, the slate I love to use often is basically purposed as a slate board for cheese. It is even used in restaurants – I certainly see how they make fascinating plates for your restaurant. They also talk about what restaurants should think about before getting their dinnerware, go to this page for details. That does not remove the fact that it is the best I have seen on the market, despite my reworking of it. I purchase almost all my slate at Slateplate. They do play host to some products for decoration and home purposes, like their slate garden markers and their tea light holders. But even the slate that they aim toward food products works very well as simple decorating items.

They could be used in bathrooms to prop tissue boxes, to highlight vases on hallway stands, and in the kitchen to hold hot serving platters. You could even have holes drilled into them so as to hang them on walls. They sandpaper and smoothen their slates to perfection, oil it appropriately, and they all contain that desirable jet black colour that is compulsory for the decor part.

The beautiful folks at Slateplate would also engrave almost anything onto slates, in any part of the slate, though normally in the bottom right unless otherwise stated. You could submit your own words, images, and designs or simply pick from their stock selection. They are non-slip and non-stick, so they work very well on any surface. Back to toilets, tables, carpet, counters, anything really.