At some point in time, a good percentage of the world’s population has heard of Pokémon, thus leading them to have their favorite Pokémon that they find interesting and appealing. This article is centered on convincing you on why Charmander in Pokemon Go is an interesting Pokémon and hopefully, he will make it into the list of your favorite having gone through this piece.

  1. His Fire typing

One of the cool attributes of Charmander is his unique and cool way of typing. First off, for those that are not familiar with this character, Charmander is a fire lizard Pokémon, thus one of the reasons there is a unique design and build surrounding the character. On his tail, there is resting on its fire and flame that would eliminate and would give his lifespan as soon as the flame is extinguished by water. Fortunately, for this Pokémon character, this feature is durable.

  1. Variety of cool moves

Charmander and the Pokémon from that same line of evolution are known to learn various cool techniques and moves. Charmander, in particular, can learn moves like the Dragon Type attacks and the Fire-type attacks. Most of the Charmander dragon moves include moves like Dragon Claw that is usually TM teaching or moves like Dragon gage which is usually learned in most generations. These moves are highly effective to dragon type Pokémon’s of other Pokémon’s as well. Charmander is capable of learning fighting moves like the Brick Break and Rock and Focus Punch and Rock Types attacks like Rock Slide and Rock Tomb. The Charmander is also capable of learning additional moves like the Ghost moves, most especially shadow claws.

There you go, with a comprehensive explanation on some of the reasons why Charmander in Pokemon Go is a cool Pokémon. If perchance you have not added the Charmander to your collection of Pocket monster, it is advised that you make the addition to your collection without no form of hesitation since you have just learned few facts on the Charmander, thus you will be able to maximize the potential and ability of the Pokémon.