Organic eggs

As a producer, I truly affirm to put the welfare of my chickens, my hens, people and planet on the first point in every decision I made. My ‘firm’ produces organic eggs and for sure I think that apart from the fact that is a profitable business, these sales are a good thing for soul. The greatest feeling in the world is when you can make one single person happy, but what about when you make a thousand by offering them quality and verified products?

Why to choose the organic eggs despite the other ones?

The organic eggs come from hens which are raised in such a way which makes them special. We offer them outdoor space to roam years-long and try to feed them according to an organic diet with only natural grains. Protecting them from agricultural chemical residues, we protect the customers from cancer, skin irritation or hormonal imbalance, and in this way we help people to improve their health. Also, it is well-know that the organic eggs contain more vitamin E than the conventional eggs, and there are many customers who prefer the extra cost for these advantages.

The fact is that when you buy an organic egg, its flavor is special, because of the hens raised in a way they normally should. We offer you the fantastic taste of organic eggs and assure you that you don’t have something to worry about.

The human treatment of our hens

Our hens and chickens are treated humanely, with access to outdoor space to roam. These are in a 100 percentage organic feed and are free of any agricultural chemical residues. They receive only natural grains such as corn, wheat, soy, mineral and nutrients. The secret of our business which is attested for three generation and over 100 years is that we make our hens happy, and by being content with the safe environment in which they live and with the organic diet which they receive, they manage to produce a lot of organic eggs to you and your family. There are not some many farms which can understand at a such level the needs of their ‘members’ of family and this is what makes us unique.

Our eggs are certificated by the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) with its highest standard.

So, with these things being said, I think that you should try our organic eggs, just to feel their fantastic flavor, and I guarantee that you will never buy other kind off eggs again. You’ll feel like being a child at you grandma’ house again, and you will never give up at this, for sure.