Working individuals have to travel to their office on a daily basis, thus they feel way too concerned about the safety of their children and elder parents who are living with them in the house. To prevent oneself from such worries and to be more productive at the job, people nowadays prefer to buy condominium situated in the posh and prime areas of the city. Most of the Singaporeans at present like to buy One Pearl Bank Condo which is built by CapitaLand builders, who have excellent projects under their sleeves.

Several amenities which Pearl Bank Condo has to offer

Facilities at the condo site

The site has to offer a total of 774 units ranging from single to 4 bedrooms and a Penthouse. Thus, Singaporeans get a chance to choose from vivid floor plans. Here residents get a chance to hire function rooms for several casual or formal events. This facility provides you an opportunity to socialize more with your friends and relatives. The site is also thoroughly monitored with CCTV cameras and the locking system of condos has great electronic functionality. Thus, there is nothing to worry about when you are not at your place.

Entertaining facilities for all age groups

Residents of One Pearl Bank don’t have to commute long distances during their weekends to get access to several entertainment facilities. Near the project site, there are various country clubs which provide you a chance to socialize with your friends and take excellent lounging facilities. These amenities are considered very beneficial for elder people as they don’t feel bored while they are on their own. Marina Bay Golf course, Singapore Recreational club, and Tangling Club are few among many which are located in the vicinity of the project site.

Around the project site, there are recreational clubs viz. Kreta Ayer Community Center as well as Tanjong Pagar Club which holds mind-boggling, fun-filled activities for kids. One could easily get access to Kim Seng Community Center where you and your kids can play various sports. This facility also promotes health benefits and since it is located only a couple of blocks away from the project site, thus you could visit it on a regular basis.

Easy access to the food market

Who doesn’t want to live at a place which is closer to the gourmet food market? For the residents of One Pearl Bank, it is considered as a dream come true since around the place, there are varieties of food stalls, restaurant, and cafes which serve delicious dishes. Café Petite and Ah Bong’s Italian are two such eateries which provide gustatory delight to people. Here you can purchase various types of coffee, pizzas, salads or burgers. These eateries also provide great seating arrangements.

If you love to have a bite of ethnic dishes then Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodles, Ru Yi Vegetarian Stalls and Jian Bo Chwee Kueh are few places which you should visit. At the Mei Ling market, there is a hawker center which is famous for excellent dim sum.