A phone lookup service can be extremely important to you when you receive a call from an unknown number. All that is required of you is to type the phone number in a form and the service will provide the name and address of the person under which the phone number has been registered. This is as long as the phone number calling is a landline and is listed in the phonebook. Reverse phone lookups are very easy to do. Reverse cell phone lookup services, such as phonelookup-24, are somewhat different due to the fact that these numbers are not listed in databases that are publicly available such as community white pages.

Free vs. Paid
Cellular phone number databases are held in private by the various cell phone service providers. They usually lease the database to a lookup service at a cost. This is the exact reason you are required to pay to access info on a reverse phone lookup. The service is expected to recoup the cost of the lease. You can use a free reverse lookup service to access the details of a phone number but you will only be provided with vague info such as the city in which the phone number is registered. Concerns relating to privacy is another reason cell phone info is not freely given out. People accept to publicly displaying their landline numbers in a phonebook but owners of cellphones do not permit people to do that. In the bid to access the info you want, you must identify yourself with a credit card. This assists in weeding out illegal activities and stalkers.

Is it Lawful?
It is entirely lawful to make use of a reverse cell phone lookup. The lookup service functions by leasing cell phone number databases from a variety of cellular service providers. They pay some money in order to be able to make use of all the databases and it is usually done under mutual agreement in a legal way. They have the permission to access databases to provide paid cell phone lookups. When you use a reverse cell phone lookup you do not have to bother about running afoul of the law since you have paid to have access to private info and you are not unlawfully tapping into a person’s database. Certainly, you have to use the info you receive for legal purposes alone.

What can you discover?
When you do a lookup with a reverse mobile phone you can discover a variety of info, at times it is dependent on the reverse lookup service you are using as to the amount of info you can access. You will get basic info like the name and address of the person on whose account the cell number is registered. The phone lookup service you make use of may also provide additional info like the names and ages of other people who live in the same place. You may even be able to go so far to getting a basic background info on the person if you so wish. Certainly, the more info you require, the costlier it is since the service will have to scan more databases to provide you with the info.