You just got an agriculture-themed Singapore wallpaper and you’re looking for tips on how to hang it on your walls? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Wallpapering is normally the last phase of decorating – as you would have painted the doors, ceiling, skirting-board, and windows first. Wallpaper allows you to change the pattern, texture, and color of your walls immediately and there’s always an extensive range to select from.

 Hanging wallpaper can have a very big impact on the way your room turns out based on the design and color. Because corners and walls are usually not straight, don’t use them as a guide whenever you hang paper.

The ideal thing is to start at the corner then hang your first stretch of paper on the part of the wall that has no windows or doors. That allows you to hang a full-length covering the ceiling all the way to the top-end of the skirting board.

If you’re right-handed, a wall on the right side of the window is the best place to start and a wall to the left for left-handed people. Furthermore, it’s best to work some distance from the window, so as to prevent the paper edges from casting a shadow should they overlap a little. Also, try to avoid hanging narrow strips of wallpaper against a door or window. If needed, cut the initial length into two vertically alongside the edge that overlaps the corner.

Finally, if you’re using a paper with a huge pattern, it’s usually a great idea to hang the initial length over a focal point such as a fireplace. Then start working away from the focal point in both directions so that the design can be symmetrical and central. Finish this area before moving on to the other parts of the room.

It’s important to be careful when hanging Singapore Wallpaper especially with the initial length – it’s essential to get it straight.