When you are trying to grow or even keep a beard – the inevitable dryness, itchiness, and redness will definitely occur and when you start scratching your beards you do not only end up causing pain, to reduce the pain of the itch but you also mess up the beard hair. There is an alternative that is simpler – just put in mind that you have to follow the laid down rules of beard grooming on the GroomingAdepts website and you are already on your way to good beard day, every day.

To start with, when you take your shower in the morning, ensure that you use a good beard shampoo or a mild beard soap to wash your beard. Normally you want some aloe vera, natural good oils or lime – these products are great for cleaning the dirt and buildup on your facial hair and skin pores. You will only set up yourself for more itchiness later on if you avoid this first step. Gently rub in a small quantity working your way to the tips and the root of your facial hair – whether it’s new growth or whether you’ve had a beard for a very long time. Just massage with the tips of your fingers as gently as you can. Wash normally as you would.

Most of the time, it is not enough to let your beard get its daily cleaning. You want it to be more attractive to the ladies that they can’t help but touch them. Aside from what you’ve learned above, you also might want to apply the following to your daily routine. You’ll be amazed at how attractive your beard has if you maintain taking care of it.

Wash Your Beard

This is like a repeat of what was already stated above, but this is to make it clear. You are not going to use the regular face soap on to your beard since it doesn’t make any sense in using it on the beard, too. Your beard is similar like your hair, and it requires shampoo. While you can use your regular shampoo, there are shampoos out there that are designed for cleaning beards. What’s more, it makes use of special botanicals in order to aid in softening up the hair and to keep it from drying out. You just need to make sure that whatever product you are using, you will like its smell since it will be right where your nose is.

Condition your beard

The reason why a lot of men want to shave their beard off is because it is itchy and annoying. To keep it soft all the time, you have to condition it. You can never bear a beard that is dry and scratchy. A good conditioner is something that will moisturize your beard well and at the same time keeping it healthy – which are 2 factors that will maintain face comfort. A conditioner’s added benefit is that it can act like a styling gel, too, so you get to keep the thing tame at all times.

Oil your beard

The conditioner is there to soften the beard, but that won’t be enough if you want it to soften it up even further. Oiling your beard can do that and it can even provide the added protection against dandruff. You do not want to see yourself dusting off the skin flakes right down your shirt, especially when you are wearing black. And the best part of having a good beard oil is that it will make the beard smell really good. Since this will never leave your face, it is pretty amazing perk to have a good smelling beard straight to your face.

Disinfect your beard

There are situations when beard can get very gross, with all that sneezing, sweating and the food. While it is good to have it washed, you can have a good measure of putting on the antibacterial beard balm. This is something that will help soften the beard further yet at the same time kills all of the critters that can only been seen with the naked eye that love to produce in your beard.

There are more things that you can do to help maintain your beard, but the tips above will help you have that beard you really want.