When you are trying to grow or even keep a beard – the inevitable dryness, itchiness, and redness will definitely occur and when you start scratching your beards you do not only end up causing pain, to reduce the pain of the itch but you also mess up the beard hair. There is an alternative that is simpler – just put in mind that you have to follow the laid down rules of beard grooming on the GroomingAdepts website and you are already on your way to good beard day, every day.

To start with, when you take your shower in the morning, ensure that you use a good beard shampoo or a mild beard soap to wash your beard. Normally you want some aloe vera, natural good oils or lime – these products are great for cleaning the dirt and buildup on your facial hair and skin pores. You will only set up yourself for more itchiness later on if you avoid this first step. Gently rub in a small quantity working your way to the tips and the root of your facial hair – whether it’s new growth or whether you’ve had a beard for a very long time. Just massage with the tips of your fingers as gently as you can. Wash normally as you would.