Tracking demographics is one the latest characteristics of email analytics, it has the capacity to track a subscriber’s activity on a website by gender, age, and other necessary criteria. Once the receiver clicks on a link and arrives at your home page, these advanced metrics has the ability to open up in-depth details of how each segment is relating with your page, giving the deeper segmentation while giving the opportunity to get most of your content. Coupled with segmentation, the more classy features of analytics can assist you to optimize both the email and web browsing experience for your audience.

The benefit of Analyzing after the Click

Post-click analytics is becoming increasingly essential in the email marketing sector. Some few years ago, marketers had no way of knowing what has happened once a subscriber clicked the link in a message and entered their website. Of course, it was possible to fine-tune a landing page based on their preferences, but as far as the email relationship is concerned, things were are paused until the next campaign. The emergence of web analytics brought forth the needed vision and clarity, allowing the marketers to use a variety of numerous metrics to create highly relevant, personalized content based on the activity that is happening after each click.