Customer trust

For every producer, no matter what kind of business he has, the customer trust and welfare should be on the first point of the list. When it comes about organic products, this subject is even more important due to its capability to involve the customer health. And for sure, everyone who buys something with the certitude of an organic and quality product, his trust shouldn’t be broken.

The fact is that, due to a public opinion, more than 70% of Europeans have the trust in organic products. In terms of trusting the organic products, there are some others criteria which help in improving this (the customer trust). In fact, when it comes about organic products, many customers think about the environment in which the animals are raised, the conditions which are provided by the producer or other things related to the welfare of the animals.

Welfare of the animals

This welfare of the animals is essential in creating a business with organic product. The harder the producer tries to humanely raise the animals, the happier they become and manage to make their part in this business, such as making more eggs and giving more milk, depending on the case. The truth is that you have to give to your animals the freedom to roam in some safe outdoors environments, to offer them an organic diet which contains natural grains, mineral and nutrients such as corn and soy, and also to protect them from eating or getting into contact with some agricultural chemical residues.

The safe places

The environment in which you raise the animals is also very important in improving your customer trust in your organic products. Once he is sure that the space in which your animals roam is safe and free to any chemical residue, the trust in the products will raise. You have to convince him about the high level of biodiversity and also to the preservation of the natural resources.

Steps in building a strong confidence

  • The EU organic logo- is a simple way to make your customer recognize your product as an organic one
  • Food quality- find your own methods to create an organic product by protecting it from pesticides or other things
  • Inspections and controls- all the organic producers must be controlled at least once per year
  • Short supply chain

As a matter of fact, the truth is that the customer trust must be the top of the goals list of any producer on this planet. For sure, there is not only this kind of operators, so you, as a customer, should assure that what you buy is as much organic as the label says. So you should pay more attention to the producers who says that their products are organic and search for the EU logo, which attest the fact.