In order to have a healthier lifestyle, please contact us and make us your primary food supplier. Our address is listed bellow, as well as our working hours.

Environment Department and Natural Resource Management

37, Villa de la Tierre

Malaga, Spain

Phone: 38-888-100100

Fax: 38-888-111100


Blue Sky eFarm

Open Hours:

Monday – Friday: 08 AM – 17 PM

Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM – 15 PM

Closed on National Holidays

Also, feel free to download our phone app that will keep you updated with our latest organic and preservative-free products released. Using it, you may place orders instantly and receive your confirmation via a phone call.

Subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive seasonal emails with our current developing strategies and the description of the methods used to grow our natural plants and vegetables. Feel free to email us back with further requirements, or just to provide us a feedback related to our current orders. We will evaluate your remarks and will take care of the problems occurred so that you can enjoy a transaction at the highest standards.

For any further information you can also reach us by email or by phone, during our working hours. Following are the terms specified for our orders.

Shipping information: At Blue Sky eFarm we take care that your order will arrive at you in best conditions and preservation. Most of the things sold by us are natural organic food that must be kept under certain temperatures in order to not lose their nutritional properties.

VAT Requirements: Depending on the buyer’s country, VAT taxes may be collected in order to keep the transaction legal. If orders are placed from USA, there is no VAT or additional taxes to be deducted.

Shipping Damages: Please note that Blue Sky eFarm is not responsible for the eventual damages occurred during transportation. Anyhow, if damages are made, please contact us as soon as possible and keep the receipt that certifies you as the buyer of the order.

Rates Inquired by Shipping: Depending on the ordered amount, shipping may be either free or require a tax. Also, an important aspect to be considered is the distance required for the transportation firm to make in order to deliver you the products. For e-store, phone calls and e-mail orders, we have a system that allows you to complete the order only after we have calculated and printed you the details of your shipping.

International Shipping: In order to precede making international shipping, please send us an e-mail first in order to establish the delivery method and the taxes that come along with this operation.