In the League of Legends game, the difference between playing on an unranked or ranked account is the same as playing a competitive game vs. playing a normal/casual game. In order to play ranked games, the requirement is that you have to be at the minimum a level 30 Summoner with sixteen Champions. Ranked and Unranked lol accounts are at least level 30 and either account already has 20,000 IP or 16 Champions to get the required number of Champions to play ranked games.

Features of an Unranked LoL Account

  • No Champions: this account does not have any Champions attached at the time of purchase, rather what you have is 20,000 IP that can be used in buying the required Runes and Champions.
  • Level 30 Account
  • Unverified Account: this account does not have an attached email. Once you purchase the account, you can visit the League of Legends website to add your email address as part of the account verification process.
  • 10-day Warranty: You get a 10-day warranty with the account. Also, to assist buyers who are affected by increasing Riot bans, replacements are always made available within 10 days. This means that if you run into a problem or your account is banned within 10 days, you are covered.

Workings of Unranked LoL Accounts

Purchase an account and verify it: obtain a level 30 account that is ready to get through Placement Matches. This account does not have any emails attached. As soon as you buy the account, you can visit the League of Legends website to add the email address so that the account can be verified.

The account was botted warning: this means the account been leveled up through the use of bots. Botting of accounts is usually carried out using Dominion, ARAM, or Twisted Tree Line. It takes about 2 to 3 months to level an account by hand. Doing it through the bots makes it faster.