Just as Technology advances, smartphones are becoming a lot more resourceful and powerful, thus their capabilities of doing more have in turn increased. Recently, some of the latest smartphones in the market feature about 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, which is actually more than the RAM on an average laptop. Although you might have a 1080p Television set at home, there are smartphones these days with 4k resolutions. Not only that, they are smartphones whose cameras quality are approaching the quality of the DSLRs. The only clause to these phones is that their prices are on the high side. Here is a list of the best mobile phones that you can buy. Our list, without doubt, offers the right mix of features and performance

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Though the Apple iPhone 7 plus is similar in appearance to the Apple iPhone 6 plus, the difference is actually in the design of both phones. Some of the updates on the new Apple iPhone is that the iPhone 7 plus comes with a dual camera setup that allows the capturing of great images, second is that it is incorporated with the new A10 Chip from Apple. The Apple A10 chip is excellently fast and it leaves its android competitors way behind. Another difference is with the antenna line, which is obvious to previous iPhone users and the incorporation of a non-tactile, haptic home button. One of the big addition is the IP67 certification, which contributes to the device being water resistant and dust proof. The battery life of the Apple iPhone 7 plus has is very good.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 from Samsung is, without doubt, one of the best mobile phones on the planet. The Galaxy S8 is incorporated with the Exynos 8895 chipset, which is responsible for the fast response of the smartphone and the 18.5:9 Univisium aspect ratio contribute to the portability of the phone. There is little or no difference with the camera, though it has nothing on the iPhone 7 plus camera it is one of the best in the market. There are individuals that find the low light prowess of the Samsung Galaxy S8 a lot more appealing that of the Apple iPhone 7 plus. It is a waterproof phone.