About Us

Ever wondered what is organic agriculture? Here, at www.blueskyefarm.com we focus on creating products using a system that rather base on external agricultural inputs, makes use of ecosystem management.

By eliminating the use of synthetic inputs we such avoid the environment and social impact that products raise in this conditions may have. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, veterinary drugs and genetically seeds tend to be reduced in the modern agriculture practices along the whole world, due to the introducing of “organic agriculture” concept and preservatives-free food.

The 3 Pylons of Organic Agriculture

Creating a lack of use of these harmful chemicals, we thus provide an organic environment for plans to grow and we increase long-term soil fertility, leading us to a less probability of pests and diseases.

In the process of growing chemical-free products, three driving forces have been identified and serve as main concepts of this technique:

  • The products that are clearly identified as being organic through their certification and labeling. In this way, the consumer is well aware of the process of creating such food and is conscious that his meal will be preservatives-free. The organic production is thus highly influenced by each customer.
  • Countries inside the European Union are developing now a concept of service-driven agriculture, based on creating environmental goods and products by reducing the groundwater pollution and CO2 quantities released in the atmosphere, thus creating a more biologically landscape.
  • Organic agriculture based on the extensive use of farmers. Through this, many farmers that consider the conventional ways of growing products unsustainable are creating food and goods based only on machine-free seeding and harvesting, such obtaining a 100% chemical free products. In these conditions, the resulted products are not necessarily released on the market, but they are used to grow a health family and to sustain multinational corporations with raw materials for their needs.

Corporate Inquisition

Due to the highly demand of organic and environmental-friendly food, more and more international corporations are investing in this domain, but unfortunately, their only goals are to benefit of high income from these actions. This shift in worldwide customer’s way of eating is for a health and good reason, aspect appreciated even by the OSG (Organic Standardization Group) chairman.

The effects of massive associations involving in this sector are not to be underrated and many farmers are worried that people won’t trust the small farms technique of growing products and are tempted to go with the mass production, much more vulnerable and exposed to risks.

Don’t hesitate and learn from us how you can get a healthier lifestyle, eat properly and take care of your own body by avoiding introducing inside of it harmful chemicals that over time may lead you towards nasty diseases and incurable conditions. Eat well and eat green!