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Ever wondered what is organic agriculture? Here, at www.blueskyefarm.com we focus on creating products using a system that rather base on external agricultural inputs, makes use of ecosystem management.

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Sources of Inspiration

Wonder how we ended up doing this? Well, there are several sources of inspiration that we took advantage of. First, and the most important one is our educational backgrounds, which provided us the importance of eating organic food, but also the fact that people must involve in their nutritional well-being.

Secondly, our individual upbringings and our continued self education has led us to this point. Through this, we understood that in order to change something, in a world full of toxins and chemical food, each one of us should make a change and start eating preservative free food.

There are still several state-of-the-art readings that must be mentioned in our professional training. From these books we learned and studied the agricultural and wilderness philosophies, so high appreciated by our customers nowadays:

  • Aldo Leopold
  • Helen and Scott Nearing
  • Slow Food Movement
  • Michael Polland
  • Angelo Pelligrini
  • Henry David Thoreau

Also, worth to be mentioned on our dedicated site are the Midwest chefs – Paul and Louise – who shared our secrets in preparing the tastiest vegetables with us and who guided and supported us during our early years of existence.

To all of them we would like to say a big fat “Thank You” and to assure them that whenever they desire, they are welcome to have a place in our company and start working with us in order to change the wide public mentality, from consuming fast food to having natural and organic meals.


Organic Farms Philosophy

Coming from our desire to live in a way that is ethical and sustainable for our environment, we, BlueSkyeFarm, have decided to operate on a small, organic farm, perfectly suited for improving our community lifestyle. The goal of our project is to become one of the most prosper farm across Europe, raising European funds and selling products to people all around the world.

Like top organic farms present in UE, all the work at our “company” is hand work and man-made. Thus, seeding, hoeing and harvesting are done using only our farmers will to grow organic and non-chemical products. In addition, we sustain the “outing to the farm” concept so that we take the opportunity of sitting in the shade for picking up the results of our work.

Our Ideals

During the years we’ve created a set of goals in order to don’t lose focus on the main target. Some of them are realistic and in progress to be achieved, while some of them are more futuristic and not under development, but this not due to our lack of implication, but for the wide audience not understanding the importance of eating preservatives free food.

Here are some of the most important projects being under development at this time:

  • In a fast urbanizing area, we can make small-scale agriculture to have a word to say
  • Food sources streams are local
  • Preserve our ethnic heritage
  • Reuse and recycle products and equipments


For every producer, no matter what kind of business he has, the customer trust and welfare should be on the first point of the list.

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As a producer, I truly affirm to put the welfare of my chickens, my hens, people and planet on the first point in every decision I made.

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Eat green in order to take care of your body! You probably heard this quote many times, but due to your time constraints you may…

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Latest Post

Reasons Why Charmander in Pokemon Go Is a Cool Pokémon

Reasons Why Charmander in Pokemon Go Is a Cool Pokémon

At some point in time, a good percentage of the world’s population has heard of Pokémon, thus leading them to have their favorite Pokémon that they find interesting and appealing. This article is centered on convincing you on why Charmander in Pokemon Go is an interesting Pokémon and hopefully, he will make it into the list of your favorite having gone through this piece.

  1. His Fire typing

One of the cool attributes of Charmander is his unique and cool way of typing. First off, for those that are not familiar with this character, Charmander is a fire lizard Pokémon, thus one of the reasons there is a unique design and build surrounding the character. On his tail, there is resting on its fire and flame that would eliminate and would give his lifespan as soon as the flame is extinguished by water. Fortunately, for this Pokémon character, this feature is durable.

  1. Variety of cool moves

Charmander and the Pokémon from that same line of evolution are known to learn various cool techniques and moves. Charmander, in particular, can learn moves like the Dragon Type attacks and the Fire-type attacks. Most of the Charmander dragon moves include moves like Dragon Claw that is usually TM teaching or moves like Dragon gage which is usually learned in most generations. These moves are highly effective to dragon type Pokémon’s of other Pokémon’s as well. Charmander is capable of learning fighting moves like the Brick Break and Rock and Focus Punch and Rock Types attacks like Rock Slide and Rock Tomb. The Charmander is also capable of learning additional moves like the Ghost moves, most especially shadow claws.

There you go, with a comprehensive explanation on some of the reasons why Charmander in Pokemon Go is a cool Pokémon. If perchance you have not added the Charmander to your collection of Pocket monster, it is advised that you make the addition to your collection without no form of hesitation since you have just learned few facts on the Charmander, thus you will be able to maximize the potential and ability of the Pokémon.

Best Mobile Phones: Smart Features to Look Out For

Best Mobile Phones: Smart Features to Look Out For

Just as Technology advances, smartphones are becoming a lot more resourceful and powerful, thus their capabilities of doing more have in turn increased. Recently, some of the latest smartphones in the market feature about 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, which is actually more than the RAM on an average laptop. Although you might have a 1080p Television set at home, there are smartphones these days with 4k resolutions. Not only that, they are smartphones whose cameras quality are approaching the quality of the DSLRs. The only clause to these phones is that their prices are on the high side. Here is a list of the best mobile phones that you can buy. Our list, without doubt, offers the right mix of features and performance

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Though the Apple iPhone 7 plus is similar in appearance to the Apple iPhone 6 plus, the difference is actually in the design of both phones. Some of the updates on the new Apple iPhone is that the iPhone 7 plus comes with a dual camera setup that allows the capturing of great images, second is that it is incorporated with the new A10 Chip from Apple. The Apple A10 chip is excellently fast and it leaves its android competitors way behind. Another difference is with the antenna line, which is obvious to previous iPhone users and the incorporation of a non-tactile, haptic home button. One of the big addition is the IP67 certification, which contributes to the device being water resistant and dust proof. The battery life of the Apple iPhone 7 plus has is very good.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 from Samsung is, without doubt, one of the best mobile phones on the planet. The Galaxy S8 is incorporated with the Exynos 8895 chipset, which is responsible for the fast response of the smartphone and the 18.5:9 Univisium aspect ratio contribute to the portability of the phone. There is little or no difference with the camera, though it has nothing on the iPhone 7 plus camera it is one of the best in the market. There are individuals that find the low light prowess of the Samsung Galaxy S8 a lot more appealing that of the Apple iPhone 7 plus. It is a waterproof phone.

Slates: Used as Décor and in Restaurants

Slates: Used as Décor and in Restaurants

The black slate looks elegant and classy and elegant in some settings, but could also provide a modern and/or rustic look to a room. It is a highly variable object that could be repurposed depending on its surroundings, which is a great tool for all house decorators. The following is a link to an article that talks extensively about the several uses of slates.

Now, funnily enough, the slate I love to use often is basically purposed as a slate board for cheese. It is even used in restaurants – I certainly see how they make fascinating plates for your restaurant. They also talk about what restaurants should think about before getting their dinnerware, go to this page for details. That does not remove the fact that it is the best I have seen on the market, despite my reworking of it. I purchase almost all my slate at Slateplate. They do play host to some products for decoration and home purposes, like their slate garden markers and their tea light holders. But even the slate that they aim toward food products works very well as simple decorating items.

They could be used in bathrooms to prop tissue boxes, to highlight vases on hallway stands, and in the kitchen to hold hot serving platters. You could even have holes drilled into them so as to hang them on walls. They sandpaper and smoothen their slates to perfection, oil it appropriately, and they all contain that desirable jet black colour that is compulsory for the decor part.

The beautiful folks at Slateplate would also engrave almost anything onto slates, in any part of the slate, though normally in the bottom right unless otherwise stated. You could submit your own words, images, and designs or simply pick from their stock selection. They are non-slip and non-stick, so they work very well on any surface. Back to toilets, tables, carpet, counters, anything really.

Air Rifle Reviews: Choosing the Best and Playing It Safe

Air Rifle Reviews: Choosing the Best and Playing It Safe

Whether one wants to feature in mock battles or just to be able to target practice minus the harm that would come with real rifles, air rifles are a very good option. In addition to going through air rifle reviews, the following are a few factors to evaluate when opting for one’s first air rifle and also some safety measures in a bid to keep everybody away from danger.

As stated, a lot of air rifles are very similar in feel and in looks to real rifles, and these are in a lot of different models and makes for all ages. Irrespective of what is one’s ideas for shooting games, it is very important to search for top quality. Working on a spending budget can be very tasking, however when it comes to air rifles, one wouldn’t like to go cheap. A lot of the cheaper ones are made overseas and do not have a high standard of quality, meaning that they would be of no use in competitive air rifle games.

It is a very good idea to become acquainted with an experienced seller that knows the ins and outs and who could put one in the direction of top quality makers. Be ready to spend around $200 to get started with a very good outfit.

When utilizing it, even though danger is definitely minimised when an actual rifle is put to use, care and safety tips must still be heeded. For example, using them well away from others that might be injured by a stray pellet is so important. A pellet definitely doesn’t do the exact same type of damage as what’s obtainable with a bullet, however severe injuries could happen if one is struck in the eyes or in the head.

Wearing eye and head protection is quite essential when messing around with these rifles. Just like what’s obtainable with bullets, sometimes a pellet may ricochet. This could lead to an unexpected damage to an unsuspecting bystander or to the shooter.

Why the Best Oil Filters Are Important to Your Car’s Longevity

Why the Best Oil Filters Are Important to Your Car’s Longevity

Oil filters can be considered as one of the essential maintenance parts that keep your engine in good working condition and ensure that there is no distortion. Whenever you drive your auto, internal engine parts operate at a very high rpm, which results in overheating and friction. Shopping for the best oil filters is a quite difficult task. If you visit an auto-parts dealer and tell them your car details like make’s model and engine, they will definitely give you the ideal filter that will fit perfectly. This is awesome but it hasn’t provided the right answer to our question: Is it the best oil filter? It might not actually be the best.

In order to keep the internal parts like pistons and camshafts in good working condition, your engine ensures the circulation of oil to reduce the temperature and lubricate the parts. In the process, the engine’s oil is passed through a screen to remove the accumulation of dirt and debris. You must always ensure that the particular replacement filter you select go well together with your auto’s specific make and brand.

Before you replace your auto’s filter, endeavor to peruse through your car’s owner manual. Additionally, find out the component number of the filter to ensure that the maker features your specific brand on its compatibility list.

Best Value

Most drivers consider the Bosch filters as the best oil filters. You will definitely get the best value for your money if you opt for this product. The synthetic mesh mediums from Bosch offer a high-efficiency filtration mechanism similar to the Royal Purple and Mobil 1 highlighted above. Yet, Bosch’s filters are cheaper than other brands.

Premium Quality

If you want superior performance and quality, then consider getting the Extended Life filters from Royal Purple. You will definitely pay more compared to the other types of filters in this article, but you will get high-quality and unrivaled performance in return. It is highly advisable that you opt for this product if you subject your auto to any extreme driving, like performance racing or high-capacity towing. Consider all these factors and select the best one that suits your needs.

Can You Really Find Cool Grinders for Sale (on the Web)?

Can You Really Find Cool Grinders for Sale (on the Web)?

An herb Grinder is highly useful. There are numerous kinds of cool grinders for sale on the internet as well. You could get them in wood, plastic, metal and electric. You could get them in 5 pieces, 4 pieces, and 2 pieces. They all carry out the same thing, however, the 5-piece and 4-piece have a little something extra known as a screen.

The grinder does one basic thing, grinds up your choice of weed into a very fine amount. This is highly useful for all since all you’re required to do is put it in the grinder and twist! With the 5- and 4-piece you get a screen that collects the pollen and stores it in the bottom section. This pollen is employed in making such things as compressed kief.

You could get a Spice Grinder at numerous smoke related stores, websites and gas stations. All you need to do is insert your weed choice in the grinder, twist, open and you’re ready to do what you must do with your weed. These products prices start from as little as ten dollars to as high as fifty dollars. Electric grinders do the same thing basically, however rather than hand twisting, the electric spice grinder possesses 4 small blades that process your weed as much as you like. This doesn’t produce fine weed like what’s obtainable with a hand grinder, but all in all highly useful.

These grinders are in various sizes too! You could get a little one for little amounts of weeds like a 1″-1.25″. This happens to be a pocket-sized weed grinder. There are cool grinders for sale as large as 2″-4″ too! These are for larger quantities of weed at one go and are definitely bigger. It’s also crucial to have a spice grinder if you’re using a vaporizer, due to the fact that your weed has to be chopped up to be inserted into the vaporizer chamber.

Old Car Removals: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Old Car Removals: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

You do have an option for eliminating your old vehicle. There are several organizations that would pay you when they remove your damaged and old car out of the road. These businesses are identified by different tags. They could be referred to as old car removals, scrap-car removers, car wreckers and so on. In any case, their aim is to assist you in doing away with your damaged car. In most situations, most of these organizations would take away the cars and pay you the amount agreed.

The cars taken away are normally dumped in junk yards. These are huge areas of land that a lot of the car-removing establishments own. You would definitely see all types of used and damaged cars in these junkyards. The cars are usually repaired, dismantled, or recycled afterward. In most of the cases where the cars are so damaged, they are thoroughly dismantled. Most times, damaged cars still have useful inward parts that could be employed for repairing other autos.

A lot of the cars that are taken away are very good resources for several auto parts dealers. The majority of the establishments that are in the car-wrecking industry also have shops where they sell the spare parts taken from the remains of the old cars. In almost all of the cases, the organization is able to cover the costs paid for damaged vehicles by selling its parts.

Parts dealers are always searching for cars that have been taken away by wreckage organizations. In a lot of cases, the used motor parts would last longer than fresh ones. This is why a lot of parts dealers visit and do business with a lot of the old car removals establishments. You would be amazed what parts could be recovered and used again, that includes small items like bolts and nuts. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of establishments that only deal in the bolts and nuts that are retrieved from the remains of the car taken away.

The Number One Reason You Should Get the Coolest KiK Usernames

The Number One Reason You Should Get the Coolest KiK Usernames

A very good username on any social media site makes the difference between obscurity and popularity. Kik Messenger is an app that thrives on special usernames. The screen name attracts attention to your profile. Good kik usernames say much about the personality without showing individual details. The majority of the girls and boys would like to have cool Kik names to accelerate their followers on the messenger.

There are a lot of advantages associated with having a cool Kik username. In reality, a username becomes a big part of your identity. You could craft it to depict how you feel and it must be linked to your own name. The username possesses no relation to your life or looks if you like. That makes it a very good way to express your opinions and inner self. A memorable one would have you feeling proud for initiating it. It boosts your confidence as well if you’ve something like very good Kik name with you.

Some of the most appropriate Kik names are yet to be made. You could make a long list of interest names with a bit of work. All that’s needed is a bit of ingenuity on your part as well as time to state the choices. There are ways to figure out cool kik names even if you don’t feel like being creative.

There are a lot of websites that could offer funky letters or names. Out of the lot, a few stand out for providing the coolest Kik usernames. They assist in selecting specific names, random names and creating cool anagrams out of your personal name.

1) Jimpix

Jimpix is an awesome site to create a random username. You could get options for the coolest Kik names in various categories. It normally publishes a list of really cute KiK names that could be employed for inspiration.

2) SpinXO

SpinXO allows the users to generate random usernames depending on some questions. Answer any two and the spinner would generate a combination for you to use. These are cute, simple Kik usernames that would not be easy to forget.

Followspot Rental – Give Your Event an Amazing Effect

Followspot Rental – Give Your Event an Amazing Effect

Any event is arranged by merging a number of factors and segments together that makes it successful and complete. However, lighting is a factor that could alter the look of the venue thus making it look more appealing. Corporate events must be arranged thoroughly and thus, you should think about going the followspot rental route. It’s crucial that you get a professional event management establishment to carry out all the arrangements for you.

There are numerous different kinds of lights that could make your room look different. You could pick the one that fits your party theme the best. It could offer a subtle effect or a dramatic effect based on your choice.

Lighting Rental Techniques

There are a lot of lighting techniques that alter the look of the venue completely and produce a different mood altogether. Let us see a few of the techniques offered by event planning establishments in detail.

Up-lighting – This is a well-known lighting technique offered by the event management establishments. This technique washes the complete venue or a specific wall with lights. You could opt for the color of your choice or the one that fits the theme of the event. You could even select the lighting that alters colors eventually giving a more dramatic effect. Up-lighting functions quite well for weddings and corporate events.

Bar Lighting – The bar lighting technique highlights the venue’s bar area. This is a common form of lighting technique employed in corporate events as well.

Buffet Lighting- The buffet Lighting Technique highlights the buffet table that offers a very subtle effect. This technique is popularly used in every type of event.

Dance Floor Lighting- This is an essential aspect of any party or any corporate event planning. This technique highlights the dance floor section. You could select the various forms of lighting according to the party’s theme.

Essential Things You Must Know Before Getting a Comforter

Essential Things You Must Know Before Getting a Comforter

For a cozy, warm night’s sleep, nothing is better than a comforter. There is no reason for you to be uncomfortable or cold again with the right down or all silk comforter. Here are a few buying tips.

You have to first make the decision on how warm of a comforter you would like. There are three basic levels:

Light Weight is the same as the warmth of two light cotton blankets or one wool blanket. Light weight comforters are awesome for warmer or summer climates.

Medium Weight is similar to the weight of a blanket and a quilt or 2 wool blankets. This is the most common all year round weight.

Heavy Weight is the same as the warmth of an electric blanket or 2 heavy quilts or 3 wool blankets. This is an awesome choice for highly cold winter climates.

What is Down Fill Power?

It’s defined as the no. of cubic inches that’s occupied by one ounce of down. Fill powers over 600 define the luxury market for down comforters. Your comforter offers more warmth for less weight when it possesses a high fill power. However, there’s a top end limit for both capability and cost. Down filled products from 800 to 900 fill power are very expensive and represent the highest level possible.

What is Down Fill Weight?

Fill weight is the overall no. of fill ounces in your down comforter. Ensure that you’re comparing apples to apples when you’re comparing down comforters. Comforters with mostly feathers as well as a low percentage of down are normally an awesome product with a low price point. HOWEVER, a 60 ounce 5% down comforter down comforter might only have half a 30 ounce 95% down comforter’s insulation value.

Why is the percentage of Down Fill important?

Down comforters possess a mixture of feathers and down. Down is the awesome stuff. You would like as much down as much as possible in a down comforter. The only disadvantage is the price. A comforter with more down and fewer feathers is more expensive.

A Brief Guide to Unranked LoL Accounts

A Brief Guide to Unranked LoL Accounts

In the League of Legends game, the difference between playing on an unranked or ranked account is the same as playing a competitive game vs. playing a normal/casual game. In order to play ranked games, the requirement is that you have to be at the minimum a level 30 Summoner with sixteen Champions. Ranked and Unranked lol accounts are at least level 30 and either account already has 20,000 IP or 16 Champions to get the required number of Champions to play ranked games.

Features of an Unranked LoL Account

  • No Champions: this account does not have any Champions attached at the time of purchase, rather what you have is 20,000 IP that can be used in buying the required Runes and Champions.
  • Level 30 Account
  • Unverified Account: this account does not have an attached email. Once you purchase the account, you can visit the League of Legends website to add your email address as part of the account verification process.
  • 10-day Warranty: You get a 10-day warranty with the account. Also, to assist buyers who are affected by increasing Riot bans, replacements are always made available within 10 days. This means that if you run into a problem or your account is banned within 10 days, you are covered.

Workings of Unranked LoL Accounts

Purchase an account and verify it: obtain a level 30 account that is ready to get through Placement Matches. This account does not have any emails attached. As soon as you buy the account, you can visit the League of Legends website to add the email address so that the account can be verified.

The account was botted warning: this means the account been leveled up through the use of bots. Botting of accounts is usually carried out using Dominion, ARAM, or Twisted Tree Line. It takes about 2 to 3 months to level an account by hand. Doing it through the bots makes it faster.

Detailed Drill Press Buying Guide: Essential Information for Drill Press Enthusiasts

Detailed Drill Press Buying Guide: Essential Information for Drill Press Enthusiasts

The drill press is a useful device to own. Whenever you need to bore exact and evenly-spaced holes, the drill press should be your first port of call. It also works as a mortise machine, spindle sander or pocket-hole machine. This article is the detailed drill press buying guide you need before buying one.

A small drill press is perfect when you’re dealing with small work areas. Drill presses with ¼ to 1 horsepower motors are able to make larger holes in metals and woods. A lot of drill presses have tables that can be lowered or raised. They can also make a 360-degree swivel or swivel around a column to be able to handle pieces that are oddly-shaped.

Essential considerations for buying a drill press;

  • HP or Horsepower – a greater horsepower indicates a device that can drill bigger holes through harder materials. The motors on some drill presses are about ¼ to 1 HP.
  • Quill travel – this is the depth of a bored hole. The longer the quill travels, the deeper the holes.
  • Variable speeds – a drill with different speed settings is more expedient. If offers various options for the different types of drilling works. A lot of drill presses offer 6 to 12-speed functionality.

You also need to check the accessories and attachments that are compatible with the drill press you want to buy.

  • Sanding drums – these are affixed onto the chuck for sanding uneven patterns or edges.
  • Fences – affixes itself onto the table so that the stock can be positioned for repetitive holes.
  • Planer heads – these are affixed onto the chuck for cutting rabbets or squaring the edges of stock.
  • Mortising attachment – normally connected onto the quill for precise mortise drilling.

Drill presses are handy and affordable tools, and it’s always a great idea to read a detailed drill press buying guide before deciding on the product to buy.

Take the Stress Out of Tea Making with Modern Tea Kettles

Take the Stress Out of Tea Making with Modern Tea Kettles

Most people have fond memories of whistling kettles. The stainless-steel stove-tops were popular not too long ago, even though they are still in use in a lot of households. They were made in different sizes and shapes, just so they could meet the needs of virtually all families. However, the recent developments in appliance manufacturing have resulted in the whistling kettles having to surrender to the modern tea kettles often referred to as the electric kettle.

The electric tea kettle is gradually becoming the preferred choice nowadays due to the features it offers. These little appliances are able to boil water faster than the norm, giving you the chance to enjoy your cup of tea without needing to wait for long.

They also don’t need a lot of attention, different from the stove-top type, you can just leave the electric kettle to do its thing while you set about your normal chores without worrying about the noise or threat of fire. They are equipped with a feature that shuts off the appliance when it gets to the boiling point. Its keep-warm feature also gives it the ability to maintain the water temperature.

There are also some design elements integrated into the modern tea kettles with some of them built to resemble the old fashion stove-top. They are also produced in various colors which is a good thing if you want one that can complement your kitchen interior.

For extra convenience, the cordless form of these kettles is also available. The cordless tea kettles are made in such a way that the heating component is housed by the base of the kettle. This allows you to take the kettle anywhere once the water has reached a boiling point; a convenient feature for when you’re pouring tea for your guests anywhere they may be seating.

Besides the safe electrical components, electric kettles now come with heat-resistant and easier-to-grip handles. The modern world may have brought about a change in some of our traditional ways of drinking tea, but these changes can only improve our experiences and make them more pleasurable for everyone.

The Best Business Accounts Software for Agribusiness

The Best Business Accounts Software for Agribusiness

A business accounting software is guaranteed to reduce the workload of an accountant. There is the provision of a database where all the business transactions are conserved and organized. A business accounts software offers a database service that allows an accountant to monitor transactions. After monitoring the transactions, one can carry out further analysis on the transactions.

Before the introduction of business accounting software, accountants analyze transactions by using receipts, journals, and ledgers. Analyzing transactions with business account software is as easy as inputting the various amounts into the different account labels. The software automatically carries out the process of analysis. This software allows the computation of assets, liabilities, expenses and business revenues. The job of an accountant fashion various financial statements for a business or company using these parameters mentioned. In addition, a business account software permits an accountant to determine what account needs to be positioned in the company’s financial statement.

Various companies offer businesses this software package. The companies offering this software to business are IT oriented and they ensure various versions of the software are released to the public. The business accounts software that is available in the market recently allows the user to make certain decisions with the data collected from transactions and they offer businesses the opportunity to maintain transactions.

One of the important business items that have helped improve the performance of many businesses is utilizing business accounting software. Many businesses are opting for the introduction of technologies to improve the performance of their business. This factor devastates many accountants, as they have to devise new means of maintaining the accounts linked to several transactions. It is most definitely guaranteed that business accounting software optimize the performance of businesses and they ease the job of accountants.