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Ever wondered what is organic agriculture? Here, at www.blueskyefarm.com we focus on creating products using a system that rather base on external agricultural inputs, makes use of ecosystem management.

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Sources of Inspiration

Wonder how we ended up doing this? Well, there are several sources of inspiration that we took advantage of. First, and the most important one is our educational backgrounds, which provided us the importance of eating organic food, but also the fact that people must involve in their nutritional well-being.

Secondly, our individual upbringings and our continued self education has led us to this point. Through this, we understood that in order to change something, in a world full of toxins and chemical food, each one of us should make a change and start eating preservative free food.

There are still several state-of-the-art readings that must be mentioned in our professional training. From these books we learned and studied the agricultural and wilderness philosophies, so high appreciated by our customers nowadays:

  • Aldo Leopold
  • Helen and Scott Nearing
  • Slow Food Movement
  • Michael Polland
  • Angelo Pelligrini
  • Henry David Thoreau

Also, worth to be mentioned on our dedicated site are the Midwest chefs – Paul and Louise – who shared our secrets in preparing the tastiest vegetables with us and who guided and supported us during our early years of existence.

To all of them we would like to say a big fat “Thank You” and to assure them that whenever they desire, they are welcome to have a place in our company and start working with us in order to change the wide public mentality, from consuming fast food to having natural and organic meals.


Organic Farms Philosophy

Coming from our desire to live in a way that is ethical and sustainable for our environment, we, BlueSkyeFarm, have decided to operate on a small, organic farm, perfectly suited for improving our community lifestyle. The goal of our project is to become one of the most prosper farm across Europe, raising European funds and selling products to people all around the world.

Like top organic farms present in UE, all the work at our “company” is hand work and man-made. Thus, seeding, hoeing and harvesting are done using only our farmers will to grow organic and non-chemical products. In addition, we sustain the “outing to the farm” concept so that we take the opportunity of sitting in the shade for picking up the results of our work.

Our Ideals

During the years we’ve created a set of goals in order to don’t lose focus on the main target. Some of them are realistic and in progress to be achieved, while some of them are more futuristic and not under development, but this not due to our lack of implication, but for the wide audience not understanding the importance of eating preservatives free food.

Here are some of the most important projects being under development at this time:

  • In a fast urbanizing area, we can make small-scale agriculture to have a word to say
  • Food sources streams are local
  • Preserve our ethnic heritage
  • Reuse and recycle products and equipments


For every producer, no matter what kind of business he has, the customer trust and welfare should be on the first point of the list.

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As a producer, I truly affirm to put the welfare of my chickens, my hens, people and planet on the first point in every decision I made.

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Eat green in order to take care of your body! You probably heard this quote many times, but due to your time constraints you may…

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Red Bali Kratom 2018

Red Bali Kratom 2018

Red Bali Kratom causes both stimulating effects that sedatives. Those stimulants tend to be faster and shorter than sedatives.

The effects vary from person to person, depending on the different factors that can affect. For most people, Bali Kratom acts on mood and energy, reducing anxiety, causing feelings of well-being and making it more active and strong.

At the same time, the alkaloids contained in Red Kratom also act as sedatives, thanks to their predominantly analgesic effects similar to those of opiates. Some Thai workers use Kratom Red Vein to better handle the most exhausting working days.

Effects of Red Bali Kratom

The first effects are felt after five to ten minutes from the assumption and can provoke feelings of empathy, euphoria, increased sociality and loquacity, for several hours. Red Vein Bali Kratom does not cause a psychedelic activity, even if the biphasic action activated by its chemical compounds results in more stimulating and euphoric sensations at low doses and sedatives at higher dosages. The leaves of the Kratom tree contain two alkaloids mitragynine. These phytochemicals bind to some of our body’s opiate receptors, causing similar effects (such as pain reduction). That’s why Kratom can replace traditional painkillers. Unlike opiates, however, Kratom’s mitragynine does not create severe forms of physical dependence and does not cause respiratory depression, potentially lethal.

In contrast, its effects can help reduce symptoms related to opiate withdrawal. The strong analgesic activity of the chemical compounds contained in the Kratom make this plant a perfect natural remedy for treating chronic pains and for local anesthesia.

Another effect of mitragynine, which is equally useful for treating certain pathological conditions, is the reduction of smooth muscle tone.

In most people, the effects of Red Bali Kratom on opiate receptors are beneficial for depression, stress and anxiety. In addition to the action on our neuronal alkaloid receptors, the phytochemicals of this herb can also bind to the adrenaline receptors, modulating anxiety and raising the mood.

These effects do not fully cure depression or increase sensory energies and perceptions but cause a more stable and positive state of mind. Some people use Kratom to raise mood and increase attention.

The side effects of Kratom are few and can vary from person to person. Normally, one notes that one’s mental lucidity is altered, accompanied by dry mouth, dilated pupils, increased urination, loss of appetite and constipation.

In most cases, and at normal dosages, mitragynine does not cause nausea or vomiting. At higher doses, however, it can cause nausea, prolonged sleepiness, increased body temperature and sweat. During and after the intake you can feel light feelings of depression.

As is often the case with alcoholic beverages, Kratom can create hangovers with annoying headaches. When high and frequent consumption is interrupted, it can develop from mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. Kratom products with additives can also have other negative effects.


On our planet grow different varieties of Red Bali Kratom. What differentiates their effects is genetics. Since the effects of Kratom can vary greatly, it is of paramount importance to know which variety is being consumed.

People interested in obtaining energizing effects should try out the varieties of Kratom Thai or Maeng Da , as the Thai manual workers themselves usually do. Some consider that these varieties have stronger and prolonged stimulating effects than those of coffee, although they are not so pleasant to ingest.

The potency of the Thai variety can also offer sedative effects, but those Borneo and Indonesian are considered more suitable to treat problems of insomnia. Those who exploit the most powerful and prolonged sensations of this substance to treat their pains usually choose the Bali, Indonesian, Malaysian or Maeng Da varieties .

Discover Kratom go with your healthy farm lifestyle

Discover Kratom go with your healthy farm lifestyle

I remember the first time I adopted the farm lifestyle. I bought my first farm, and it was harsh. A lot of my friends were laughing at me because I had to get out there in the morning and work up a sweat.

But guess what? After several years, I hung out with my friends and they were all fat and bordering on diabetes and other long-term chronic diseases. There I was, lean, buff, toned, muscular and at the peak of health. What was my secret? Well, I lived in a farm.

Make no mistake when you live in a farm, you have to wake up first thing in the morning. There are no excuses. Seriously.

here are none because if you don’t wake up, the cows are not going to milk themselves, the chicken eggs are going to be neglected, the animals are not going to be fed, the plants are not going to get the water, fertilizer and other inputs they need. In other words, the farm shuts down.

So, early on, you learn that your actions have an impact. In other words, what you eat, how well your family is and how much money you make is trace directly to your actions and your decisions.

That’s why this is one of the most important character-building experiences I can ever recommend to anybody because if you have a tough time understanding what responsibility is or what being an adult person is, live in a farm.

I don’t care how you do it. Maybe you can rent out a space. Perhaps you can rent yourself out as some sort of farmhand or you can talk to a family member who is lucky enough to own a farm. Whatever the case may be do what you need to do to put yourself in a situation where your actions matter.

Let’s face it we live in a modern world where we are told over and over again that our feelings are what matters above everything else. Well, forget about your feelings.

Feelings are not going to put food on the table. All the great plans you have, all the things that you want to do, all of those are fluff. Seriously. They are just as worthless as the clouds flowing over your head because you really can’t control them and until and unless you put them to action, they are essentially brain clouds. They’re here today; they’re gone tomorrow.

You know what the world sits up and pays attention to. You know what truly matters above everything else. That’s right. Action. This is when things get real.

You can have all the great feelings you want. You can have all these plans but until and unless you take action on them, the world really couldn’t care less.

That’s why I adopted a healthy farm lifestyle. It taught me that I can turn my thoughts into reality. I can turn my plans into the things that I can actually see, hear, touch, taste, feel and smell. In other words, it was real, and that’s why I lost a lot of weight, I changed my outlook and I became a healthier person. Now, I split my time between the office and the farm, but I’m still much healthier.

To take my healthy farm-based lifestyle to a whole other level, I discovered kratom. Make no mistake if you want to be very healthy, whether you have adopted the farm lifestyle or you’re about to, discover kratom. Seriously.

You will thank me later for it because this is one of the best things you could ever do. It truly will take your health to a whole other level because it’s all about getting the right nutrients at the right time to produce the right things and they right outcome.

Unfortunately, with our standard American diet, this is just not happening. With modern American diet, you only get fatter and fatter, weaker and weaker and, eventually, you get sicker and sicker.

I know that’s not popular. I know that’s the kind of thing that you’re not supposed to say but it’s the absolute truth. So, do yourself a big favor. Discover kratom today and take your health to the next level.

Great farm feeds need precise mixing like meal replacement shakes

Great farm feeds need precise mixing like meal replacement shakes

Great farm feeds are not an accident. Okay, let’s get that out of the way. If you are operating a farm regardless of its size, regardless of how mechanized it is, you need to pay close attention to your feeds

Growing animals has come close to being a science. In fact, super profitable animal-raising are very precise with the feed amounts that they give out to their animals, and that’s why they are rewarded with amazing profits.

With that said, it’s very easy to think that it all boils down to ratio and formulation. It’s easy to think that it’s just a question of making sure that all your animals get a certain amount of ounces or grams per day and call it a day.

This is a mistake. You have to understand that if things were just that simple, then all farmers in the United States regardless of where they are, regardless of their management styles, regardless of their level of mechanization and regardless of the animals that they are raising will be generating profits.

Obviously, this is not true. There are lots of struggling family farms in the United States that are not making the money they should be making.

It’s not because they lack land. It’s not because they lack animals. It’s not because they lack all sorts of capital funding and inputs. The usual suspects are not at fault.

What’s the problem? They are not very precise in mixing their farm feeds. They’re really not. They know the right formula. That’s not the problem. Knowledge is not the issue here.

Instead, it’s compliance. It’s one thing to know a formula; it’s another to carry about day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. A little consistency, as you probably already know, goes a long way.

Unfortunately, until and unless you mix your animal feeds the same way you would mix meal replacement shakes for yourself or for members of your family, you’re probably going to continue to struggle. You probably are not going to be making as much profits as you could be making.

Do yourself a big favor. Pay close attention to the details of your feed-mixing processes. There might be small things that you are neglecting. There might be certain parts of the process that you have turned a blind eye to, which have come to haunt you again and again.

If you are struggling in any way, please understand that, ultimately, it’s your fault. I know that’s not nice to hear. I know that you probably were expecting a different kind of answer but, hey, that’s reality.

So, until and unless you deal with reality and work with the world and to the situation the way it exists instead of the way you wished it exists, then you’ll continue to struggle.

So, do yourself a big favor. Roll up your sleeves, step up and take care of business. Plan and measure feeds the right way. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your community and you owe it to your family.

Finding the right organic farming products comes down to studying guitar reviews

Finding the right organic farming products comes down to studying guitar reviews

As more and more American farmers discover the distinct joys and profitability of organic farming, it’s actually become more challenging. You have to understand that whenever there is a new economic trend or a new product or product line anywhere in the United States, people tend to get confused.

This isn’t because they are not able to size up different product. It’s not because they don’t have a good understanding of what they should be buying. This definitely doesn’t mean that they are completely blind or clueless to the opportunities presented in front of them as far as these consumer or product trends are concerned.

The confusion comes from the fact that whenever word gets out that there is a huge demand for a particular type of product or a particular range of products and services, competitors or service providers as well as merchandisers start crawling out of the woodwork.

It’s kind of like a huge army of cockroaches being teased out of the woodwork by a homeowner putting several cubes of sugar on the floor. As unappetizing as that image my sound, this is precisely the kind of market saturation that has led to product confusion since time immemorial.

If you are one of those consumers who are just confused by the huge amount of selection on the market, it’s no surprise that you end up buying an option that is not really optimal for you.

Your job as a consumer is actually very different from the job of a producer. People who are producing or manufacturers who are looking to supply the market have their job. Their job is to get as much product out in the market so they can make a profit. Your job is to pick the very best product.

You may be thinking that your interests aligned, but that’s wishful thinking. It really is because, in many cases, manufacturers just take advantage of product trends. They say the right things. They definitely put the right things on their labels, and it’s really all in the hopes that they would cash in or capitalize on some sort of product trend.

You have to protect yourself. You have to know what you’re looking for. You have to know how to size up the different options out there; otherwise, you’re probably going to end up paying a lot more money for very little of the benefits that you initially came to the market for.

By understanding how this works, you would have a clear idea of why a lot of people are looking to buy organic farming products but end up disappointed. It doesn’t have to be this way. If they only learn how to read online product reviews better, they would have made better decisions.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to read tons of organic farming product reviews. You don’t have to do that. It doesn’t have to be that specific.

Believe it or not if you were to read reviews of products or services that seem totally unrelated to or disconnected from the organic farming products that you’re on the market for, you can still learn what you need to learn to make better decisions. In other words, you learn the form of the review, how it works. You figure out what red flags to look for. You begin to understand how these reviews try to convince you.

By paying attention to these details, you would learn what you need to learn to enable yourself to become a better judge of quality and value. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight nor is this one of those things that just simply falls into your lap. You have to put in the effort. You have to take the initiative.

However, the good news is if you keep this up long enough, you will be handsomely rewarded. Make no mistake about it you are responsible for maximizing the value of every hard-earned dollar you have to your name. Start the process today by simply reading as many reviews as you can. Things will eventually fall into place.

Explore your farm right with your Segway hoverboard

Explore your farm right with your Segway hoverboard

When the Segway first came out, I really did not think much of it. I thought it was just another fad. I thought it was something that has very limited applications.

I’m very big into farming and I really did not see it applying to what I did for a living. Boy, was I wrong.

You see, when you are farming, if you are not in your tractor or if you’re not working with your farm workers to sort the produce, you are on foot. That’s right, you are going to be walking on two legs, checking out what’s going on in your land.

Now, of course, these are for responsible farmers. These are for farmers who are serious about making profits.

If you are not serious, then you probably would be doing something else. You probably would be chilling back at home, gambling, or doing something that really gets in the way of your farm earning the kind of money that it’s capable of earning.

I’m one of the former farmers. This means I actually take my operation very seriously.

So either I’m inside the tractor spending hours processing the land, or I’m working closely with my farm workers making sure we pick the very best products and sell it to our happy customers and keep the rest or recycle the rest.

Other than these times, I’m on foot and, boy, does it get boring quickly.

And what really gets to me is how unproductive that time is because I’m a big fan of efficiency. I’d really like to make as much money in as little time as possible. I’d like to make as much money out of as little effort as possible.

And it really annoys me that I have to walk and do basically nothing as I walk because I have to get from Point A to Point B because Point B is where the productive work is.

Well, I kissed all that frustration goodbye when I got my first Segway unit. I say “first” because it really popped my cherry. It really did.

I saw how productive I was. I saw that with me riding on the Segway to get from Point A to Point B in as quickly and as efficiently as possible, I was able to do so much more in as little time as possible.

I then bought one, and then another one, and then now I have a fleet of twenty. And all my crew uses Segway to go through the land.

Now, this of course created problems in place of the problems that it solved. We had to make sure that we level the farm flat enough for optimal Segway use.

This is not always easy on a uniform level, but we managed. And boy, did Segway increase the overall productivity of my greater farm operations.

Maximize your farm space with the best composite decking

Maximize your farm space with the best composite decking

I discovered urban farming by accident. I live in a part of Southeast Asia that is very, very dense. I spend half the time in Southeast Asia and half the time in the northern part of the United States.

And while land is pretty much plentiful in certain states and in the northern part of the US, it’s definitely very expensive and in short supply in certain densely populated areas of Southeast Asia.

Well, I found myself in one of those cities and there was this half acre plot that people were just piling garbage on. In fact, it became so obnoxious because some people would burn the garbage and there was this nasty overhanging smell of burnt garbage, plastic and yes, dog feces, hanging in the air.

Now, I wish I could tell you that this scene played out in a more distressed, informal or economically depressed part of town. But no, this was supposed to be the area where highly educated people who travel the world and who live in very expensive homes live.

And apparently, people basically were just being irresponsible and thinking that since this lot was in the middle of nowhere in what was supposed to be a green space in our subdivision that people can basically just haul their garbage there and burn it. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Well, not quite. Because it may be out of sight, but your nose knows. Do you see or smell where I’m coming from?

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and I spoke with the head honcho of the homeowners association.

My proposal was simple. I would take everybody’s garbage as long as they loaded it in the same spot, but the homeowners association will give me full freedom to recycle, re-purpose and otherwise turn their garbage into food. I’m talking about vegetables and fruit.

And in exchange, everybody participating in the program will get 20% of the produce of the organic farm that I plan to set up.

Well, after a couple of months of back scratching, blank stares and other low IQ moments, people finally gave me the green light.

I sprung into action. I set up a permaculture operation.

In other words, I would grind up everything that can be ground up as far as leaves and small branches are concerned and layered it on the land. This ensures that when it rains, a compost tea is filtered through the land, which enriches the soil.

I also instructed homeowners to put everything that can be rotten into a black bin. I then ground up the stuff that can rot, mixed it with leaves and dried plant material.

And after a month of proper composting, I invested in about 50 kilograms of African night crawler earthworms. They made short work of the rotting smelly food.

And in a few weeks, I had myself some nice, sweet smelling compost. Using this compost, I layered it on the mulch and then layered another layer of mulch on top of it.

To make a long story short, I turned this garbage spot into a very green spot that produced tomatoes and some fruits.

True to my word, I gave 20% of the produce to the homeowners association, which then distributed to whoever wanted the free veggies. People were very grateful and happy because they save quite a bit of money on their monthly grocery bills.

The 80%, which amount to a few hundred thousand in the local currency, I kept. Not a bad deal.

It’s all about win-win. And it really all boils down to turning somebody’s garbage into gold. You can do that.

And to take things to the next level, I invested in the best composite decking for the housing or semi housing portion of the gardens. So now, homeowners can use it to relax while staring out into this deep, lush, green carpet that is the organic farm in their backyard.

Everybody wins with proper planning and with the right vision.

You need handyorten-24.de if you lost your cell phone on your farm

You need handyorten-24.de if you lost your cell phone on your farm

Now, the first time I lost my phone, a lot of people in town laughed at me.

Now, my town, you have to understand, used to be a farming town. Not anymore. Now, there’s a tremendous amount of software companies moving in.

A lot of the farms got turned into suburban homes. There’s a lot of what we call McMansions.

These are McDonald’s style mansions. They’re huge, but they are also tasteless and it looked like somebody used a template or cookie cutter to crank them out.

But they do cost quite an arm and a leg. I mean, the typical McMansions will set you back about $5 million.

In this backdrop, people laugh at me when they find out that I own a large farm to the north of town. They think I’m the last of a dying breed. They’d look at me as some sort of relic from a distant past.

Some people read in all sorts of positive feelings into that past. They’re very nostalgic. Others look at me as basically a holdover and somebody who’s resistant to change.

You really can’t please everybody. It’s either hot or cold, black or white. It’s a mess.

But anyway, I share this story with you because when I went to town one day, people were laughing at me. They said, “How can you lose your cell phone in your farm? How big is your farm anyway?”

I told them that it was 300 acres or 150 hectares. It blew their mind. They could not think of land that big.

And that’s precisely the challenge you’re up against if you’re farming and you have gadgets with you. Because if you’re doing manual inspections of your corn patch, it’s easy for you to think that your phone is gone forever because a corn patch is darn near invisible.

When you turn around, whether it’s a 360 view or a 180 view, you can’t make heads or tails of all the details because every corn plant is the same as the next corn plant behind it.

And they’re so packed closely that there’s really no sunlight. It’s like you’re trapped in some sort of ever flowing, ever present and infinite green blanket.

This is why I’m so happy handyorten-24.de exists. This service tracks your mobile device for you.

If you install their app on your device, they will actively monitor where your device is on a 24-hour basis. This gives you tremendous peace of mind if you drop your gadget in the middle of your farm.

Maybe you’re out there on an inspection, or maybe you’re out there doing some planting work or you’re checking out on a problem. Whatever the case may be, you weren’t completely on the ball and your mobile device fell out.

Well, handyorten-24.de definitely has your back because as long as you can use it within that typical 6-hour window where your device still has enough battery power, you can retrieve your device. Believe me, this is a life saver.

The people who were laughing at me in town were not laughing when they found out that I retrieved my stuff. It really all boils down to technology.

So do yourself a big favor, make sure you are properly equipped when you are moving around in your farm because it’s no joke losing your mobile devices. Not only are your contacts there, but you also have records or your communications as well as important documents like pictures. It’s definitely no joke and it’s no picnic.

Make sure you’re adequately protected by installing the right technology.

Your wild farm needs the best tankless water heaters

Your wild farm needs the best tankless water heaters

Make no mistake about it, if you are farming a wilderness area, it can definitely be quite a logistical and financial challenge.

You have to understand that these places are not exactly free. Even if you paid only a hundred thousand or a couple of hundred thousand dollars for your property, you can still lose money.

That’s right. Even if you paid cents on the dollar on basically virgin territory, you can lose money because if you don’t do anything with the land and if you don’t improve it in any significant way, it’s not going to make you money.

That’s a basic fact. You don’t need to be a genius or a rocket scientist to figure this out. This pretty much speaks for itself.

So how do you make your wild farm profitable? This is the main challenge of people who are into wild farming.

I know it’s kind of trendy right now. A lot of people are getting into it, but boy, are these people getting in over their heads.

It is no surprise that the statistic of more and more millennials getting into wild farming or semi basic farming may be at record breaking levels. But it’s also true that a lot of them are dropping out almost as immediately as they dropped in. And it all boils down to proper planning.

You see, Mother Nature is not going to treat you with kid gloves. In fact, it’s going to slap you around, try to drag you down and hold you back.

That’s how loving and accommodating Mother Nature is. And the sooner you can get that idea in your head and prepare for it accordingly, the better off you would be.

However, if you go into this thinking that somehow, some way, Mother Nature owes you a favor and life has to be fair, boy, are you going to be in for a surprise.

Eventually, you will quickly discover that getting beat down all day, every day, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, is going to get old.

So you quit. You think that it’s a big mistake. You point the finger and you blame other people instead of yourself.

Well, you could have escaped all this unnecessary drama by being properly equipped.

For example, your wild farm needs lodging. Your lodging needs warm flowing water. Pretty basic. Pretty simple, right?

Well, plan accordingly. Invest in the best tankless water heaters.

They don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You just need to know how they’re set up. You just need to know the right models to buy, and you’re good to go.

If you keep solving these problems in a kind of level headed and practical manner, you will make more money. That’s the name of the game.

A little bit of preparation and the right mental attitude prepares you for greater and greater levels of success. It’s not easy, but life can definitely be fun.

Finding Unranked Level 30 Accounts – Lol Smurf Accounts is Much Like Finding Great Housing

Finding Unranked Level 30 Accounts – Lol Smurf Accounts is Much Like Finding Great Housing

The great thing about high-end farming is that you don’t need a lot of lands to make a lot of money. You need to understand that regardless of what country you come from. The typical picture of a farmer is somebody that is struggling with a small plot of land. In fact,  in the developing world, the typical farmer doesn’t have much land to work with and it’s no surprise that this person is on hand to mouth basis after all everything is done by the hand. He has to work with only a very small plot of land. It doesn’t  take a rocket scientist to figure out the income potential simply isn’t that great.

This is the sad reality shared by billions of people from all over the world. Interestingly enough, this is also the case in the United States. In the United States, they live in a very industrial and mechanized society so it’s really rare to find a farmer who still works with his hands but the problem is even if you use a tractor you can run your system in such an unproductive way then you’re not going to make money. You have to  understand that just like with any other human activity, a small minority of participants, accounts for the vast majority of results.

In other words, 10% of farmers produce 80% of the products in America. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry and yes, there are billionaire farmers but there are few and far between. The rest of us and I’m talking about the 19%-80% have to make do with the 20% that is left over. That’s right. We’re fighting for scraps. This is why in my quest to transition from a small-time low-income farmer to a medium-size medium middle income, I discovered an interesting analogy.

It turns out that the League of Legends game is much like a farm. You need to use unranked Level 30 Accounts – Lol Smurf Accounts. Now, try not to laugh too hard. You’re probably thinking what this League of Legends which is a video game have to do with farming. The concept that I mentioned all goes back to the fact that only a small amount of people account for the vast majority results this applies across the board this is also applies to the League of  Legends. Did you know that the League of Legends only a small fraction of players account for most of the victory.

In other words, they win pretty much maybe 50% of the time. That means that most people who play the game lose. This is why it’s really important to give yourself as many initial advantages before you played the game otherwise, it’s going to be very hard for you to level up because this game works on a scale indexing system. In other words, its all about the ranking. The higher you rank the more powerful your account becomes. It’s  very hard to rank when everybody’s beating you.

Thankfully, I figured this out the when I buy League of Legends accounts. I buy accounts that are unlocked which enable me to learn when I need to learn so I can level up sooner rather than later. This is not cheating. I know it’s hard to believe because the account unblocked due to actual practice. Cheating would be if you bought an account that was hacked or somehow modified. You’re not doing any of that. You’re not screwing around with the code of the game, it still works as expected. You’re not taking advantage of some defect instead, you buy an account that is unlocked enough through your own curiosity, through your own efforts you can level up in the game.

That is the big secret behind buying League of Legends accounts. But believe me, if you really want to make headway just like with high-end farming, you’ll need to get all the systematic advantages you can afford. That’s the bottom line. High-end farming means getting the right tools and inputs so you can raise higher value crops. The same applies to League of Legends, you need to have the right inputs and the right tools so you can level up sooner rather than later.


Even farmers can benefit from LoLEpicShop

Even farmers can benefit from LoLEpicShop

Let me tell you, farming in the United States can get quite boring. You probably don’t need me to remind you of this if you run, manage or work in a farm. You know how boring it could be.

You can be in your combine or your tractor listening to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, White Stripes or Kanye West, and acre after acre, for several hundred acres, all you can see is just corn being processed by your machine.

You stop, you turn the tractor, and then you repeat the process again. You do this hour after hour.

Of course, if you’re the typical farmer, you only work a few hours a day. Still, it’s heavy on your nerves because, as mechanized as your operation may be, it can get get quite tedious.

It’s definitely boring. You probably don’t need me to expand on that. And this is why a lot of farmers have discovered League of Legends.

Believe it or not, a lot of farmers use League of Legends to kill time as they sit in the cabin of their tractor or combine processing their harvest or taking care of land management issues.

Whether you’re clearing stuff, fertilizing, applying insecticide or turning over the land for the next year’s crop, it can get boring. You spend hours doing this, and you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

Since a lot of farming equipment like tractors are equipped with GPS, it basically steers itself. The equipment just prompts you to make a turn and it does everything else. It’s self directed.

It hasn’t really quite reached the level of self driving cars, but it’s definitely getting there. But if you add to this the amazing capabilities you are able to tap, thanks to drones, you can see why modern American farming is pretty much an automated experience.

Within this context, you can play League of Legends. Seriously.

Now, this might be a case of solving one problem and creating another. Because the problem with League of Legends is not that it’s fun. It’s not that it’s engaging. It’s not that it enables you to kill a tremendous amount of time.

In fact, I’ve played League of Legends for eight hours and I thought that it was only ten minutes. That’s how engaging it can be.

But the problem is, getting your butt kicked gets old very quickly. If you’ve ever played League of Legends, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You would know exactly where I’m coming from because it’s not fun. Eventually, you hit a wall, and you reach a point where you just want to quit.

This is why farmers can benefit tremendously from LoLEpicShop. They can get the right accounts so they can win enough times at League of Legends to stay properly engaged and become part of a community.

This way, they can have something to focus their minds on while engaged in essentially brainless and automated tasks on the farm. Farming doesn’t have to be boring.

If you are farming a wild patch, you need to read Huntspot

If you are farming a wild patch, you need to read Huntspot

Usually, when people think of farming, they think of very developed pieces of land. They think that all the trees have been taken care of.

They think that the land is perfectly leveled for farming. They also assume that there is a tremendous amount of irrigation resources around.

Believe it or not, there are farm spots located throughout the United States and Canada that are completely wild. When you go there, there’s no level land.

When you go there, there are wild trees and shrubs all over the place. In fact, you can’t even make it a few feet forward without hacking your way through.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use some sort of machete, but it really is quite a struggle to move forward because there’s just so much vegetation.

Now, a lot of people are under the impression that this is a bad thing. They see this and they turn around and run away. They’d rather buy an operating farm.

I can see where they’re coming from because when you buy an operating farm, you just need to change the crops, change the equipment, and you’re good to go. In fact, in many cases, you buy the equipment, so there’s really not much mystery there.

Well, when you buy a wild patch, it’s good news and bad news. First the good news. You save a tremendous amount of money because there is absolutely no improvement.

You’re going to have to put in the work, but you save a lot of money. We’re talking about cents on the dollar.

For example, if you’re going to be buying a typical farm layout which would set you back a few million dollars for a bank financing for several dozen hectares, you can get the same area of land for less than $1 million. This is unheard of.

Remember that farmers take out loans. So it’s typical for a farmer to take out loans of $5 million or less.

The bank loan is structured in such a way that after enough production cycles pass, the farmer pays off the loan. That’s how much money farmers can make in the United States. But all bets are off when it comes to a wild patch.

It was a challenge when I bought my wild patch. I didn’t level the land. I didn’t impose my will on it so that it became unrecognizable.

Instead, I worked with the land. I worked with its topography, I worked with its water resources, and now, it’s producing food in a completely natural way without me tilling or breaking a sweat.

I know that sounds too good to be true, but do me a big favor. Read up on permaculture. I used permaculture technologies and strategies to turn a wild patch into a productive and, yes, profitable farm.

It can be done. It just takes vision. It definitely takes hard work, and it takes willingness to defy convention.

One of the ways that I defied convention was when I make money through hunting. Basically, I grant licenses to private hunters to go on my land and shoot wild pigs. I stocked my land with wild pigs.

Now, this was not easy because I live in Texas and there are serious issues with wild pig overpopulation. But if you have proper precautions set in your farm, you can maintain a population of wild pigs.

So the farm not only pays for itself, which means I don’t have to worry about the loan, but it actually makes a lot more money in excess of that. It really all boils down to being equipped with the right knowledge and equipment.

If you are thinking of farming a wild patch, you definitely need to read Huntspot because this blog for hunters gives you the inside scoop on what you need to design into your wild patch farm so you can make money through hunting licensing and fees.

The Best Farm Equipment Brands are Like the Best Sewing Machine

The Best Farm Equipment Brands are Like the Best Sewing Machine

I’m not really a big brand fan. I’m more of a money-saving fan. That’s always been my psychology. When given the opportunity, I would always choose the cheaper option. Now as you probably already know, this has burned me several times. The old sayings regarding saving money are unfortunately true. I found out their truthfulness in the worst way possible. The old saying that “get what you pay for” is absolute truth. I know it brings tears to my eyes, it does not really fill my soul with ecstasy. When I say where’s the absolute truth. It was true to a long time ago, it is true right now and is probably going to continue to be true into the future.

It  doesn’t matter how much I want to make it go away. Trying to save money is not the way forward. This is what I found out when I when I was in the market for farm equipment or the small farm that I need to pay attention to brands. How did I figure this out? Well, ironically enough when I was looking the best sewing machine brands for my wife, I was going to give her a gift because she’s big into sewing and I wanted to find the very best product for her. Well, it wasn’t quite easy  because as a lot of the brands out there that are being pushed are not all that good.

The reason why they’re so popular is that people make money when those brands are sold but is not necessarily serve buyers interests because those brands may not be up to the job. So what makes a particular product the right product for you. It really goes down to the set of problems you are trying to solve. It does not get simpler than that. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t think along this lines, instead they think as long as you have enough relatives and family members and friends recommending a certain brand then they just need to pick that brand. Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

You end up throwing good money after going through hell in many cases. You end up doing things the hard way because you’re spending even more money trying to fix your problem. So fixed all of that by finding the best reviews of sewing machines and understanding what makes some sewing machine brands vastly superior than others by collecting all the dots and figuring out the patterns I was able to create a selection process that enabled me to pretty much pick the best of any other kind of product  on the market for.

This is why I was able to find the best farm equipment brands for my farm without having to spend much money. Now my farm is blossoming, my wife is happy with her sewing machine and my kids are happy with all the products I bought them. That is because I was able to figure out how to get the very best while paying the very least. Believe me, it’s not easy. If you figure out how brands work. You will definitely be well on your way in always making the right decision.

Great Farm Sites Need Solid Hosting

Great Farm Sites Need Solid Hosting

I remember the first time I bought my farm in Southeast California, there was a very dry patch of land it really looks like you had much going for it. That’s the reason why I bought it for basically a sum. It was almost free. The problem is that there was no water, there was little vegetation. It looks like a total mess. In fact, when my wife saw it, she couldn’t stop laughing because she told me that I just got ripped off. That I was taking for a ride and basically nothing but dust and sand on my hands.

Of course this does not make me feel good. Nobody wants to feel like a fool. So what did I do? That’s right, I hit youtube. I went video after video teaching me how to turn the dry rock and sand and worthless soil which came to my own personal version the garden of Eden. Let me tell you, it was not a simple matter of going from point A to point B. It didn’t help that people I knew couldn’t stop but laugh when they found out that I bought myself a nice patch of land which  basically was dessert.

Well, fast forward to a few years and now you can’t even tell the difference. This patch of land has a nice water reservoir in the middle regardless of how hot it gets in the summer. The rest of my land get the water  it needs to stay beautiful and green. Believe me, in the Southeast part of California you need a lot of  decent water. I was able to pull that off not only that I set up my farm in such a way that I don’t have to bust the sweat to harvest fruits and vegetables. This is the beauty Permaculture. It’s a permanent cultivation.

Did you know that mother nature has set up a system where mother nature itself doesn’t have to farm for things to grow, for flowers to appear and fruit to blossom? Did you know that it is called Permaculture, because your using mother nature’s internal systems to grow your farm. I got so excited about all these things that I picked up from random places on the internet. That I decided to put up my own website. Well, what I did is that I ran to the problem after problem.

It turns out that a lot of the free hosts out there are free for reasons. Make no mistakes about it. People in their right mind will not give you something for free unless there is something in it for them. Oftentimes, they’re giving you something for free because whatever it is they give you is not all that good.

Hosting is crucial to any kind of website. If your hosting sucks, people are going to hate. People are going hate your brand. People are going to think that you’re some sort of amateur, that the information you bring to the tables is not all that good.  Why? Because of the hosting you selected and unfortunately a lot of the low-cost and free hosting out the are plainly sucks which they just throw it out there in the hopes that some sucker will take them up on it like.

I got tired so I decided to do some research on how to get rock solid heavy-duty hosting without burning a hole in my pocket. Thankfully, by going through many different sites and comparing websites, I was able to get clear parameters of what constitutes a truly awesome hosting from truly deplorable and regrettable hosting.  It took a lot of time. So do yourself a favor, here’s the short way to host your farm site at the very best hosting company without spending amount of dollars you need to find the right parameters. That’s all you need  to know. You need to  how your needs fit with the features offered by the particular hosting company you think of doing  your business with.

That’s the bottom line. Find the right hosting parameters by figuring out the siteground versus wp engine reviews. When you read reviews of the services, get all the features you need to make a truly informed choice.

Understanding How Squishies Can Help You Deal with Stress

Understanding How Squishies Can Help You Deal with Stress

Are you feeling stressed? Do you realize that squeezing a squishy toy in your palm for a while can eliminate the stress that’s been bothering you? If you are yet to try this, you have to adopt it now for your relaxation. If you’ve been looking for where to get the best squishies on the market, click here.

Normally, stress balls for the brain are usually purchased by medical schools, philosophy clubs, hospitals, universities, groups of scholastic members, pharmaceutical companies, students, doctors, think tank groups, and counselors. Their major objective of buying these soft stress toys is to control the stress levels by squeezing the squishy balls in their palms.

A lot of people define stress balls as malleable toys. But these toys can create magic in a couple of seconds as you squeeze the rubbery soft ball in your palm and then work your fingers to press it softly. Doing this results in the generation of improved blood circulation in the hands and progressively soothes your shoulder muscles. These exercises are recommended by doctors for those who experience hand pains, elbow pains, as well as other problems like arm joint pain, spondylolysis, and a host of others.

When the stress level rises and the colleagues get on your nerves, quick help is needed. Some swear by tea for reassurance, others take a cigarette or even alcohol. Both are not good for the health of a person. But a veritable miracle weapon is often overlooked: the so-called stress ball. Instead of rattling with the pen, fumbling with the hair or chewing on the fingernails, the acutely stressed should rather knead the ball properly. No joke! Studies show: it really works when playing with squishy toys for stress.

Squishy toys are a good distraction

Clattering, clicking, knocking or nibbling – just about every worker has his own personal favorite object when it comes to stress reduction. Not all of this, however, contributes to increasing harmony in the office – on the contrary: some distraction, in turn, requires strong nerves from the office neighbors and colleagues – and tolerance. This is especially annoying when there’s a 15-minute clatter on the tabletop with your fingernails as if it were music number.

Despite numerous personal preferences, some favorites have developed to reduce stress. However, one of the most favorable stress distractions is the squishy toy. These objects are perfect as a distraction because they can be used quietly without any noise at all!

Stress balls deal with pent energy

It is often thought that the stress ball works because it helps to reduce pent-up aggression and reduce stress in this way. This explanation is not wrong, and it is undoubtedly liberating, for example, to throw an object on the wall and imagine that it would stuff such as the annoying boss, the exhausting colleague, or the customer, who is simply never satisfied.

But there is another reason why the seemingly useless and meaningless occupation (crush softball) is helpful. The technical term for this is: skip action. What that simply means is that these squishy toys can help release the unused energy of a person, which otherwise would make them feel stressed throughout the day.

Stress has many causes and effects and a stress ball is not a means to resolve a conflict. However, it can help reduce stress levels. Stress is a state of stress: the person concerned is faced with the task of coping with this burden. This puts him in a state of tension, the right reaction and the correct handling of this situation is required.

A stress ball is an effective way of getting this reaction in order. Dealing with it helps to concentrate and become calm. Mind and body can ease, the playful actions with the stress ball creates an easy balance.
If you want fast and a proven way to deal with immediate stress, then buying a squishy toy for yourself can be a good idea. These toys are not just for kids, although kids love to play with squishy toys as well. You can even get squishy toys in a variety of different shapes, styles, and colors, so you can choose a stress toy in whatever shape or look that you want.