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Ever wondered what is organic agriculture? Here, at www.blueskyefarm.com we focus on creating products using a system that rather base on external agricultural inputs, makes use of ecosystem management.

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Sources of Inspiration

Wonder how we ended up doing this? Well, there are several sources of inspiration that we took advantage of. First, and the most important one is our educational backgrounds, which provided us the importance of eating organic food, but also the fact that people must involve in their nutritional well-being.

Secondly, our individual upbringings and our continued self education has led us to this point. Through this, we understood that in order to change something, in a world full of toxins and chemical food, each one of us should make a change and start eating preservative free food.

There are still several state-of-the-art readings that must be mentioned in our professional training. From these books we learned and studied the agricultural and wilderness philosophies, so high appreciated by our customers nowadays:

  • Aldo Leopold
  • Helen and Scott Nearing
  • Slow Food Movement
  • Michael Polland
  • Angelo Pelligrini
  • Henry David Thoreau

Also, worth to be mentioned on our dedicated site are the Midwest chefs – Paul and Louise – who shared our secrets in preparing the tastiest vegetables with us and who guided and supported us during our early years of existence.

To all of them we would like to say a big fat “Thank You” and to assure them that whenever they desire, they are welcome to have a place in our company and start working with us in order to change the wide public mentality, from consuming fast food to having natural and organic meals.


Organic Farms Philosophy

Coming from our desire to live in a way that is ethical and sustainable for our environment, we, BlueSkyeFarm, have decided to operate on a small, organic farm, perfectly suited for improving our community lifestyle. The goal of our project is to become one of the most prosper farm across Europe, raising European funds and selling products to people all around the world.

Like top organic farms present in UE, all the work at our “company” is hand work and man-made. Thus, seeding, hoeing and harvesting are done using only our farmers will to grow organic and non-chemical products. In addition, we sustain the “outing to the farm” concept so that we take the opportunity of sitting in the shade for picking up the results of our work.

Our Ideals

During the years we’ve created a set of goals in order to don’t lose focus on the main target. Some of them are realistic and in progress to be achieved, while some of them are more futuristic and not under development, but this not due to our lack of implication, but for the wide audience not understanding the importance of eating preservatives free food.

Here are some of the most important projects being under development at this time:

  • In a fast urbanizing area, we can make small-scale agriculture to have a word to say
  • Food sources streams are local
  • Preserve our ethnic heritage
  • Reuse and recycle products and equipments


For every producer, no matter what kind of business he has, the customer trust and welfare should be on the first point of the list.

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As a producer, I truly affirm to put the welfare of my chickens, my hens, people and planet on the first point in every decision I made.

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Eat green in order to take care of your body! You probably heard this quote many times, but due to your time constraints you may…

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The Best Business Accounts Software for Agribusiness

The Best Business Accounts Software for Agribusiness

A business accounting software is guaranteed to reduce the workload of an accountant. There is the provision of a database where all the business transactions are conserved and organized. A business accounts software offers a database service that allows an accountant to monitor transactions. After monitoring the transactions, one can carry out further analysis on the transactions.

Before the introduction of business accounting software, accountants analyze transactions by using receipts, journals, and ledgers. Analyzing transactions with business account software is as easy as inputting the various amounts into the different account labels. The software automatically carries out the process of analysis. This software allows the computation of assets, liabilities, expenses and business revenues. The job of an accountant fashion various financial statements for a business or company using these parameters mentioned. In addition, a business account software permits an accountant to determine what account needs to be positioned in the company’s financial statement.

Various companies offer businesses this software package. The companies offering this software to business are IT oriented and they ensure various versions of the software are released to the public. The business accounts software that is available in the market recently allows the user to make certain decisions with the data collected from transactions and they offer businesses the opportunity to maintain transactions.

One of the important business items that have helped improve the performance of many businesses is utilizing business accounting software. Many businesses are opting for the introduction of technologies to improve the performance of their business. This factor devastates many accountants, as they have to devise new means of maintaining the accounts linked to several transactions. It is most definitely guaranteed that business accounting software optimize the performance of businesses and they ease the job of accountants.

GST –Essential Eligibility Checklist forInternational Farmers

GST –Essential Eligibility Checklist forInternational Farmers

If you will visiting Singapore any soon or you are planning to, it is good you know that if you make purchases of more than S$100 you are eligible to claim a 7% refund Goods and Service Tax is also known as GST. This refund is eligible for aclaim when purchases are made at stores participating in the Tourist Refund Scheme. To find out if a store you intend to shop is participating in the refund scheme, inspect the shop for a tax-free shopping logo or you can also consult the retailer and ask if purchases made are eligible for tax refunds.

In order to be eligible for the refund, you have to be a tourist in Singapore and you have to meet the following conditions:

  • You are not a permanent resident or a citizen of Singapore
  • In the last 24 months before the date of making your purchase, ensure you have spent 365 days or if possible less
  • You have not be engaged in any Job in the last 6 months before making your purchase
  • You are 16 years old or older at the time of making the purchase
  • You are not holding a position as a crewmember of the ship or aircraft that brought you to Singapore.
  • You will beleaving Singapore from the International Passenger Terminal at Harbor Front Centre as an international cruise passenger, or Seletar Airport or Changi Airport. If you are departing Singapore through the causeway and if you are departing Singapore on a ferry ship, round-trip cruise or a cruise to nowhere, you are not eligible for the tax refund.
  • You would have made a purchase from the participating stores 16 weeks from the moment you submit your application for a refund.

Below are some of the purchases you should avoid making because they can nullify your eligibility for a GST refund:

  • Goods that will be transited out of Singapore by freight
  • Goods that have ahistory with other users, either used or consumed in Singapore.
  • Goods that will be exported out of Singapore solely for commercial objectives.
  • Hiring car rental services, accommodation in a hotel and tour charges.
GiftsVista – Corporate Gifting for Agribusiness Exhibitions and Seminars

GiftsVista – Corporate Gifting for Agribusiness Exhibitions and Seminars

In the corporate world, corporate gifting is becoming an important marketing strategy. If utilized properly corporate gifting gives a business the necessary edge against competitions in the future. There are various brands that deal in the business of corporate gifting, among which include GiftsVista. To find out more about the various use of corporate gifting, you are advised to read more on this article.

Employees Gifts: In our recent unstable professional world, many companies are realizing the importance of their member of their staff. These companies are realizing the contribution of their employees to the success and growth of the company. There is the need to appreciate the various contribution of the workforce, this leads to the introduction of corporate gifts for employees. It is very necessary that you select the best gift for your employees. The appreciation for the contribution made by the employeesranges from words of appreciation to an all-expense paid family vacation. Experts in human resources and management advice that employee gifts should not be focused on monetary or expensive options; it should rather be on appreciating and recognizing your employees.

Marketing Giveaways: It is increasingly important these days, that in order to promote your company, brand or services you utilize marketing giveaways. Corporate gifting plays an important role in marketing; it offers your clients the suitable impression needed to engage their patronage to your company, brand, and service. Examples of product you can brand with your company logo and offer as a corporate gift include diaries, pens, cardholders, and notepads.

Top Client and Management Gifts: Maintaining cordial ties in the business world with investors, clients and business partners is very important. This is the point where it is very important you send out quality gift items at special occasion/public holidays. This is a great way to build a good relationship or build on previous relationships.

Nowadays, corporate gifting is not just for the pleasing of clients on behalf of their loyalty. Corporate gifting has so many applications that businesses can adopt. Corporate gifts from GiftsVista can assist in the building of your brand by providing the best options to select a corporate gift for your clients and employees.

Offshore Domain for Your Organic Farms Website

Offshore Domain for Your Organic Farms Website

In recent times, it has been discovered that the internet reach to the public is extending. The internet is utilized in almost all businesses ranging from the startups to global businesses; the internet is utilized in so many homes. The majority of businesses utilize the internet for the online presence of their brand. In order to achieve that, the business will require a web hosting service through offshore domain hosting.

There are so many choices to make regarding what type of web hosting meets the need of your business. A large-scale business is advised to utilize onshore hosting services, whichis if the website will be hosted in the same country where the business is registered. A large-scale business can also utilize offshore hosting service, as the name implies that it hosted in a different country.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both choice but before selecting any of them consider the benefits to your business and be sure the disadvantages will not affect your business. For the sake of this article, we will discuss more on offshore domain hosting, its benefits when compared with other options in the market.

The Benefits of External Hosting

For whatever use you intend on utilizing an offshore hosting service, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. One of the benefits is that you only make payment for whatever you use. You also do not require setting aside space for your server, as this will be expensive for a business that is just starting out.

Taking Your Hosting Offshore

Only the services of offshore domain hosting can meet some particular business and individual needs. One of the benefits that are most renowned is the privacy of information offered by most especially offshore hosting services in Asia and other places where the government-enforced restriction are not severe, you are guaranteed to benefit the anonymous service. Many offshore hosting service providers do not ask for personal details at point of purchase, all that is required is you make the payment for the service. There are offshore hosting service providers that allow you to create accounts as an unidentified user, as there are so many individuals and business that require such service.

Selecting Adult Hosting Service Providers for Organic Products

Selecting Adult Hosting Service Providers for Organic Products

Adult websites provide a simple way to generate profits on the internet and they are becoming very renowned on the internet on a daily basis. Maintaining and running another kind of websites is quite different from that of adult websites. Selecting the best adult hosting for your internet needs is the first step to ensuring your web page is running. This article will be concentrating on how to choose the best adult hosting service on the internet.

Primarily, consult the assistance of a search engine for “adult web hosting.” Not all the web-hosting companies offer adult hosting services because of the matured content. If you particularly search for adult web hosting service, it minimizes the options you have to select from and it eliminates the options that will not satisfy your needs. After getting a list of adult we hosting providers, you should compare and contrast the options you are presented by the search engine. It is advised that you hire the services of a web host that offer you dedicated servers. There is the certainty you will find one with this benefits and much more by just going through the options listed on the search engine.

Due to the high- traffic generated, a dedicated server is accountable for adult hosting. To manage this high traffic rate, you should ensure your server has the appropriate bandwidth available. The benefits of utilizing a dedicated server are numerous, among which include getting maximum storage capacity and bandwidth for your website.

After you have constructed your search to just adult web hosts that can make provision for adedicated server, ensure that they will provide an excellent customer service. The majority of the adult websites on the internet are a form business set in place to generate income for the website owner continually.

Anonymous VPS Hosting – The Best Web Hosting For Farmers

Anonymous VPS Hosting – The Best Web Hosting For Farmers

Among the various web-hosting services to make your selection from, VPS hosting is one among many to host an individual or business website on the internet. It is quite difficult and expensive to set up a server, let alone managing it. Not many actually utilize the service of an anonymous VPS hosting; this can be attributed to its unpopularity in the web hosting industry.

One of the most renowned benefits of utilizing an anonymous VPS is the anonymity this web hosting service offers. Most activities and events on the internet these days are being monitored, this could seem threatening to some individuals or business. Utilizing a VPS server ensure provides you the control of your privacy, privacy for personal details and data on the internet. If you intend on choosing an anonymous VPS hosting for your business or you intend on migrating from another web hosting service, there are options to base your selection on. They include the paid option and the free option, be informed that both optionsguarantee your anonymity on the internet.

Free Anonymous VPS

If you are convinced that a free anonymous VPS is suitable for your business, it is advised that you make your selection outside the country where you reside or operate. There are many countries that require that you provide your personal information before you can acquire a VPS for whatever reason. On the other hand, there are some other countries where you do not necessarily provide your personal information in order to acquire an anonymous VPS. An example of a platform you can utilize its anonymous VPS service is WordPress.

Paid Anonymous VPS

With the availability of various paid anonymous VPS hosting service to select, it is very important that you carefully have a grasp on the benefits service each of the providers can guarantee. You can derive many benefits from utilizing an anonymous VPS, but the essence of this benefits vary with the type of business many benefits. Ensure the anonymous VPS offers you anonymity because these days an anonymous VPS is really not anonymous since you provide personal information when creating your account.

Hunts International –Reliable Removal CompanyFor Your Farm

Hunts International –Reliable Removal CompanyFor Your Farm

If you are intending to move to new location and you do not seem to have the necessary facilities and resources to get it done by yourself, it is advised that you consult a professional. It is very important that you see to it that all your personal effects are relocated to your preference. A professional removal company like hunts International ensures security over your personal items that are being moved to your new location and they assure you a removal process without any constraint. With no doubt at all, it is not a bad choice to refer to this removal company as the best option in the market

Key instruction to follow here

  • Consult your friends and family; seek their consent for references on removal companies. You can carry out a personal research on the best removal company in your locality via the internet and it is not a bad idea to consult local listings in your vicinity
  • The moment you have organized a list of options concerning removal companies, it is best you visit their office or outlet in person.
  • On visiting their office, ask questions and see what kind of approach they take to relocate an entire house. Convince yourself by requesting to see their equipment and resources; just to be assured that they could carry a removal process the proper way without difficulty.
  • You can also request the attention of the company professionals at your home, to get an estimate of the rate to be charged.
  • Once you made a choice of the company whose service you will be hiring, carefully go through their terms and condition stated in the agreement. Ensure you do not sign any document without going through the content of the contract.
  • Investigate and research more on the company whose service you are hiring, check out the feedback and reviews past clients made on their website.

You will find the above information vital when choosing a reliable best house removal company like hunts International.

Buy Real YouTube Views For Your Organic Farm Produce Marketing

Buy Real YouTube Views For Your Organic Farm Produce Marketing

Everywhere on the globe, people generally utilize YouTube services in promoting their business, events, and products. Billions of people visit this huge website every moment. There are some important factors to consider before you buy real YouTube views so as to get more viewers and subscribers for your YouTube videos or services.

One of the most important determinants is in the use of automated YouTube view to add more programs. The addition of programs will increase the rating of the YouTube user who utilizes it to get more services, entertainment, and subscribers and it can be considered as the best alternative to getting more YouTube views.

Others factors to consider are:

– Tags: Use related keywords in tagging your videos because most viewers always watch videos with acceptable keywords. So, it is highly advisable that to get more YouTube likes and views use related keywords and popular tags.

-Promotion: To get more viewers, you must use all available sources like emails, blogs, social media etc. The link to the YouTube videos can be posted on reputed social sites like Facebook, popular blogs, and twitter or on various video sites like MetaCafe, Daily Motion to get more video views.

-Comments: YouTube comments are a huge factor in determining the general acceptance of a video as well as its value. You can do this by posting a clever comment with your video link on another trendy video and this might result in you getting more views.

– Updates: You can’t expect an increase in YouTube subscriptions without doing some things. Part of what you are expected to do is to upload more videos regularly and consistently. This will drive in more loyal subscribers who would follow your channels. This strategy has also been authenticated by marketing professionals who recommended that you upload at least one video in 7 days.

Nuvella Serum – Investigating the Efficacy of Organic Components

Nuvella Serum – Investigating the Efficacy of Organic Components

Nuvella is an excellent anti-aging skincare serum which aid in the improvement and regeneration of a healthy skin. What this product does is to remove all form of irritations, black spots, folds, wrinkles and all other unwanted reaction that might occur on the skin. It adds moisture and increase the hydration level of the skin to give it a healthy andstrong tender structure. Nuvella is formed from excellent ingredients to get a superb result with no known harmful effects on the users.

Within a short time of usage, you would start noticing some positive changes if you follow the prescription accordingly and will eventually resolve all your skin issues and leave you forever with a young and tender skin. Truly, black spots, redness, wrinkles, folds and rough edges will make you feel irritated and leave you in a state of discomfort, fear, and anxiety. Using Nuvella skin care serum provides an immediate and long-lasting solution from suchirritable conditions.

You can get this Nuvella skin care serum products in various markets and through the internet. You can get it at a low rate of $4.95 and once you order for it, you are assured of getting the product within seven days. There is nowhere you might be on the globe that you won’t get this product due to the availability of international shipping.

Nuvella is manufactured by a superb and excellent team who makes sure that you get the value for your money. The manufacturer is a reputable producer of numerous excellent skincare products and the customer reviews are encouraging. The manufacturer is a genuine company that is well known and certified. According to the manufacturer, Nuvella can be used by everyone irrespective of their ages and provides a near everlasting effect or solution.

QuGenix RX – Effectiveness through Organic Ingredients

QuGenix RX – Effectiveness through Organic Ingredients

QuGenix RX Anti-Aging Cream is commonly called an excellent collagen anti-aging solution which is made up of major active elements. The elements of QuGenix RX Anti-Aging Cream are made up of natural extracts with anti-aging features. According to thorough clinical research, it has been confirmed that this product provides the best solution when compared with the Botox treatment. Therefore, QuGenix RX Anti-Aging cream has been adjudged as the best injection-free formula. It aids the skin in repairing, regenerating and restoration of the unhealthy skin.

Generally, QuGenix RX Anti-Aging Cream is suitable for women with aging effects by helping them cover all manifestations of aging that might occur on their skin leading to a brighter and fresher skin. It works on a special formula which comprises of a stem cell technology. In addition, there are other factors like effective and potent ingredients which help tackle the manifestations of aging, and also result to you getting a healthy skin which has a long lasting benefit.

QuGenix RX Anti-Aging Cream contains:

QuGenix RX Anti-Aging Cream skin care is uniquely developed with a potent formula which has the ability to erase wrinkle completely (stem cell technology). It also combines active ingredients which have been clinically researched to aid the skin and cell regeneration in an unreal way.

What Are the Advantages of QuGenix RX Anti-Aging Cream?

  • Remove all signs of wrinkles and folds.
  • Helps increase the levels of collagen.
  • Helps to increase the hydration level of the skin.
  • It will give your skin a fresher and brighter look.
  • Softening, compacting and increase the flexibility of the skin.
  • Helps increase the strength of the skin.

Go and get the injection, simple to use and affordable solution known as QuGenix RX Anti-Aging Cream which gives you a youthful and fresher look.

Samsung Hoverboard – Essential Transportation to the Farm

Samsung Hoverboard – Essential Transportation to the Farm

People are beginning to embrace the use of Hoverboards (self-balancing scooter). After initial problems, manufacturers have made the required changes and have advanced to producing the UL standard types, which is not in any way harmful to use. However, before purchasing one, you have to find out the best self-balancing scooter that is ideal for you. Samsung hoverboard is one of the numerous hoverboards available in stores and it is quite difficult deciding if someone should go for them since the supply is still at a minimal rate.

Some startup factories like KIWANO have started diverting their operation into the manufacture of “hoverboard” that is simple to use without any difficulty. It connects with your advanced handsets with the operation powered by Samsung electronics. This association with the reputable electronics product makes the hoverboard distinctive at all standards. Due to the hoverboard poor quality, lots of critiques have come to disapprove the product. There have been reported cases of hoverboard fire explosion and breakdown.

Lots of affordable products are available in the marketand these cheap products come from substandard factories who just want to get their own share from the saturated market. The boards cost at least $1,000 at a time when the few people populated the market. But due to increased frenzy, there wasan influx of substandard products which you can get as low as $300 with no adherence to safety rules.

Through the partnership of KIWANO (KO-X) with Samsung electronics, the app has aided the advancement of hoverboard in terms of speed, battery, and distance covered. Due to the user capability, there are different modes of operation like novice, normal and expert.

There are other functional benefits of KO-X apart from being an automated Samsung hoverboard. Through Bluetooth, you can play different sounds of your choice on the board.

The casing is made up of standard aluminium with plastic components. It can cover about 15 kilometers on a single charge and weighs 14.5 kilos. It can travel at a rate of 25km/hour. It has two detached gyros and powered on a 350-watt motor balance.

Hiring a New York Construction Accident Lawyer for Your Barn Accident

Hiring a New York Construction Accident Lawyer for Your Barn Accident

The work of a construction accident lawyer is to fight any injustice that might have happened to you when you sustained injuries. Never attempt to deal with these issues all by yourself. Any attempt to do this will limit your recovery rate which might result in a negative outcome. Instead of you dealing with any issues relating to your employer, employ the services of a New York construction accident lawyer to fight any injustice on your behalf.

A construction accident lawyer specializes in this section of the law. They will have the required understanding and skill in dealing with related cases, and they offer their assistance in an intuitive way. After sustaining an injury, it is not easy to formulate a perfect and convenient approach in dealing with the matter. At the period of recuperation, your legal adviser will be the one to handle these issues.

You will be duly compensated for your losses if you sustain any injury while working in the office. Instead of accepting anything without proper negotiations, employ a lawyer to check through the terms and see if your entitlement has been duly met.

If you have sustained any degree of injury, endeavor to quickly consult a New York construction accident lawyer. If you don’t do that on time, it might reduce your chances of winning the case. Consulting with a lawyer immediately will put you in a strong winning position. Your legal adviser will negotiate on your behalf with all related stakeholders in order to reach a common ground. If that doesn’t work, he or she might proceed to court so as to settle the case.

When dealing with a legal issue, you must find all potential solution so as to get a positive result. Search and choose an experienced lawyer who is cooperative and dependable. Legal cases can last for long period of time and you will require the services of a consistent legal adviser.

Best Outdoor Inflatable Water Slides for the Summer Season Farming

Best Outdoor Inflatable Water Slides for the Summer Season Farming

Setting up the best water slide should not only be for your own benefit but for your family in general. This slide contains outdoor pools with other exciting features diving planks and slides. Despite all these, they are still not suitable for a young child. An ideal type is the best outdoor inflatable water slides.

There are lots of inflatable toys of different shapes and sizes available in the market. Some types are inflatable castles, inflatable interactive toys, and inflatable water slides. For this hot weather season, it is highly recommended that to get the value of your money and to make your kids comfortable, go for the inflatable water slides.

Your kids would enjoy every bit of it. The inflatable slide has its own special pool for kids. This would make this summer period an invaluable experience for your kids. They can play for long period of time in the hot weather and can bring along with them their rubber ducks and favorite bath mate.

Inflatable water slides are a cheaper alternative to going to the beach to refresh. Apart from this, it is the best option for busy parents who hardly have time for their kids. You might have promised to take your kids out on weekend but eventually, something else came up, all you need to do is to set up the water slide over the swimming pool. They will definitely be shockedbut maximum fun is guaranteed.

You have the invaluable opportunity of spending time with your family through the use of the best outdoor inflatable water slides. It saves you money and travel time that can be utilized for another purpose. Truly, the experience you get from a real vacation can’t be compared to the one you get from the outdoor pool. But due to the unavoidable situation, that alternative is still better than sitting at home.

Guide On the Best Police Scanners for a Farming Community

Guide On the Best Police Scanners for a Farming Community

After buying the police scanner, one of the first operations you perform on it is to switch it on and tune it to listen to the activities going on in your area. However, the best police scanners despite all its advancement do not come from the factory with preinstalled local frequencies so you will have to inquire more about that.

Who operates Police Scanners?

Police and Fire Agencies – Anytime there is a fire incident or criminal activity, these departments are alerted through the use of police scanners. The sender contacts them through an emergency number (911). Through these police scanners, these rapid response teams relay back important information to the sender and other responders once they get to the scene.

Ambulance and Transport System – This police scanner is utilized in various ways to contact the rapid response team on the scene and to relay critical information to the nearest clinic to assist them in case of any emergency.

Who are the listeners?

Rapid response team Volunteer – Many smaller regions depend solely on volunteers who are always on alert for any emergency cases. In such places, police scanners are much needed so as to notify the volunteers and aid them in their rescue operation.

Journalists – For updated news and information, reporters need this police scanner to enable them get to quickly get valuable information and report back to the public as quick as possible.

Neighborhood Watch Team and Citizens – A lot of people like getting up to date information and the best police scanners is very reliable in achieving this purpose. Of a truth, people misinterpret information transmitted on this scanner due to the fact that not all information relayed on it is true. The best thing to do is to first relay information to the critical sectors before the general public.